Cadbury Gems collaborates with GuardianLink to launch NFTs based on kids’ artwork

By Srikanth
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Kid’s, one of the favorite and beloved Cadbury Gems, has entered into the world of non-fungible tokens. Cadbury Gems is now working with GuardianLink to convert the drawings and art created by kids into NFTs. Cadbury has named the campaign as Junior NFT campaign; the initiative is taken to perform something great for society with the operations of blockchain. The Cadbury Gems introduced the Junior NFT campaign; the campaign has also partnered with Save the Children. Another partnership will enable them the distribution the proceeds from NFT sales to children who require it.


The philanthropic move by Cadbury Gems

The online gallery is going to be designed by the company where interested buyers can visit and spend their money picking one NFT which is made by children. One of the greatest and unique factors that have been incorporated by the company is that the purchases can be made via fiat currencies. Even though the plan was designed not in such a way it should be but then also a lot of people can contribute to the cause in this way. If we talk in detail about the side of artists, the parents of the artists will attain an invite and a portal is also designed where the parents can upload the artwork. This way, Cadbury Gems would be filling the gap between the buyers and the artists.

Comments made by GuardianLink and Save the Children

The CEO and co-founder of GuardianLink have marked his words by saying that they are going to take a big decision of auctioning NFTs with a motive to raise funds for the education of children. Here, the children mean those children whose parents cannot afford the number of their studies. It is going to be the first-ever NFT venture with a philanthropic cause. So, excitement is quite big, and people are keen to watch how things will turn out.

The Director of Resource Mobilization from Save the Children has mentioned that they are happy that the campaign has been launched by Cadbury Gems with a motive to facilitate both educational and psychological support to Children.

If you have a desire to contribute to the same job, then the NFTs will be available on the website of GuardianLink. Users can make a bid and purchase the NFTs time and can beautifully help the cause. In case you feel yourself to be incapable of extending help on a fiscal basis, then share the campaign with your close friends and family whom you expect to help the children in need.

Commenting on the same, Ramkumar Subramanian, CEO and Co-Founder of GuardianLink, says that non-fungible tokens have given birth to an emotional quotient in commerce… And food probably is one of the biggest emotions unifying humans! It is looked at as an emotional force and has a lot of potential when it comes to NFTs.

GuardianLink wants to explore such possibilities with food when it comes to the NFT space. There are no limitations on what could be explored. Suppose brands that belong to other domains like fashion can make it big in the NFT space. In the same way, food has an equal possibility and potential.

Have you ever wondered what your thoughts are behind the introduction made by  Cadbury Gems in this Junior NFT campaign? And do you think that the world will go through many more similar projects in the future?

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