Call centers leveraging artificial intelligence

We all know that AI technology has made a huge impact on our lives and has helped in improving healthcare, business transactions, speech therapies, and so on. Due to AI’s ability to process languages and recognize speeches, it has been used increasingly by the call center supervisors so as to analyze the data sets and utilize the predictive analysis so as to improve both the personalized and automated customer service.

Here are a few ways in which call center have been recently leveraging the AI technology to improve their services:

Analyzing data sets

It is not a big surprise that AI can be employed to analyze the big data in call centers to determine the customer’s browsing trends, latest access to consumer devices, frequently visited webpages, and so on. Once AI analyzes this data, the predictive dialing can be utilized by finding the trend and contacting the customers who are likely to be interested in the sales idea, thereby saving time.

AI is used for storing and then assessing customer’s preferences and has also been used to detect a tone variation to alert the call center head about the same.

Using Predictive Analysis

AI has also been incorporated in such a way that it listens to the calls and collects data on voice modulation, employee behavior, etc. which can then be provided to the call center supervisor to take action upon. By analyzing the tone, frequently used languages, employee behavior, etc. the call center head can take necessary steps to improve the customer’s experience.

By the use of predictive analysis, managers can assess the call center operator’s performance and determine negative call experiences. If such cases are found, the operator can be retrained to improve customer experience.

A lot of customers often complain about waiting too long on the call which can be frustrating for them. AI helps in determining the average amount of time a customer is kept on waiting and provides the data to the manager to improve upon. AI has greatly helped call centers in providing better customer experience and will continue to do so in the future as well.

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