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Camera app on iOS, powered by AI will remove people from any picture

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Pictures of nice sceneries or landscapes are always ruined by strangers that come between the view and your lens, doing nothing but ruining your picture.

This iOS app, Bye Bye camera will remove people from images and fill the space with the scenery with the help of AI. This looks so real that the viewers would not even guess that a person has been removed from the picture.

Damjanski, who co-created the app and is a monogamous artist based in the city of New York, said that this app is made for the “post-human world” as it helps people remove any person from pictures. He also joked that with this app, users can finally take a selfie without themselves. He co-created this app with his friends and fellow coders and artists at “do something good”, a company at which these kinds of cool projects are made.

However, this app is still a little messy for the moment, but the developers are keen to make it better. This paid app costs $2.99 in the App store and it does not come any close to Photoshop’s tools. But hey, at least this is easy and is available on your phone. This app is all perfect but it leaves pixels behind by the man that photo bombed your picture. you can see the difference in the picture above.

Bye bye camera uses an open source object detection tool called YOLO  which is short for You Only Look Once, an AI that helps fill an absence of something in a picture. Damjanski also talks about the mistakes it makes and how exciting it gets him because it is like a great tool to play with. “We’re now looking at a future where humanity is no longer around,” he added. “One of the things I really enjoy about the app is that it takes out humans, but it keeps their shadows.”

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