Can AI beat classic iGaming games?

Can AI beat classic iGaming games? 1

When it comes to casino games, there are a lot of different ways to play. You can go the traditional route and stick to classic games like poker or blackjack. Or you can try your hand at something new, like slots or video poker.

Indeed, there have been a lot of technological developments to have been witnessed by the iGaming industry over the years, with many of the classic casino games now possible to play online.

Players are already able to enjoy authentic experiences that would be similar to those that can be found in a traditional casino, with Casumo’s live blackjack title just one of the many available options that can help to truly bring the virtual casino experience to life.

However, there have also been advancements in various other forms of technology that have benefited the gambling industry in a plethora of ways. Artificial intelligence is one of those technologies that has continued to advance and develop with time, becoming more and more innovative.

Therefore, it perhaps should not come as a surprise that punters are now asking questions about whether it can help them to win and beat classic casino games. But is this something that is possible?

AI could have an impact and help players to beat classic casino games

The short answer is maybe. While there is no guarantee that AI will always come out on top, it has certainly shown promise in beating humans at certain games. For example, in 2017, an AI program called Libratus defeated four professional poker players in a 20-day competition. Similarly, in 2018, an AI program called Pluribus beat five professional poker players in a 12-day competition.

If you go back further in history, we know that IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue managed to defeat Garry Kasparov in 1997 in a game of chess in the first instance where a computer system was able to use technology to defeat a human player.

Indeed, there are games where AI could have a significant influence on the outcome of a game, as the technology could help a player to understand what moves they have available to them. For instance, games such as blackjack or poker are based on patterns and AI would be able to pick up on these and offer a level of probability of a certain outcome being achieved.

This would suggest that it is possible that AI could beat humans at casino games.

There are things that need to be considered

However, there are a few factors to consider regarding the technology and its effectiveness in helping to defeat classic casino games.

Firstly, AI is still developing and improving all the time. So, while it has been successful in the past, there is no guarantee that it will always be successful in the future. Whilst many would initially believe that the opposite would be the case, there are so many different things that it could look to do, which could then have a significant impact on what happens in the game.

Secondly, casino games are often based on chance as well as skill. This means that even if AI is better at making strategic decisions, luck can still play a role in who wins or loses. Indeed, many will suggest the luck element is the main reason for gambling games and why so many continue to flock in their vast numbers to play these games.

Final Thoughts

In the end, whether AI can beat classic casino games is still up for debate. There is evidence that suggests it can have an influence, however with many of the classic casino games requiring an element of luck, regardless of how far the technology comes, it may never actually help players to win all that much.

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