Can artificial intelligence make you a better tweeter?

Can artificial intelligence make you a better tweeter1

Can you become more intelligent with the help of a machine? The question has haunted scientists and science fiction writers since artificial intelligence was in the thought of human civilization. Twitter, for example, is often a site to display one’s wit, intelligence and knowledge in a short span of words and hence, is one of the social markers of human nature.

Of course, there are thousands of issues and millions of tweets that happen all around the country which makes one wonder whether one’s tweet will be lost in the sea or it will be discovered by the targeted audience. Artificial intelligence tells you that it can make it visible by simply tweeting right thing at the right time that will be noticed by more people.

What does the AI suggest?

Of course, artificial intelligence is not some omnipresent being; it has already algorithmically decided certain factors which will determine your tweet’s success. For example, it will suggest what links and what kind of photos will be viral very quickly while also tipping you off about the perfect time for a certain kind of post.Can artificial intelligence make you a better tweeter?

Moreover, your tweet also depends on the kind of articulation you do through language. Hence, AI can also tell you about choice of words and way of enunciation that will enhance your tweet’s reach by some distance. Of course, there are certain methods of operation that needs to be cleared out.

The algorithm of success

The AI powered tweet improvement system is something of an enigma, but it is deceptively simple nonetheless. It will not suggest you the most random topics, especially topics you have no clue about. Rather, it will analyze your newsfeed just like Facebook and basically filter certain topics which have been more popular. However, the process is not that linear either.

Greater likes or comments do not always lead to selection of a subject because it was instantly popular. Hence, the algorithm does more than simple popularity evaluation to say the list. Another important aspect that one could miss out in this discussion is the increment of followers that should also follow organically in this process.

See it yourself

If you implement AI in this process, you will see significant changes on the surface. However, questions are to be asked about the process and its effectiveness. For example, AI does not radically change the newsfeed, it only makes it better so that newsfeed appears more personalized and less junk can be seen. This is basically your Facebook newsfeed once you stop following all the unwanted pages and people.

Hence, the change is not paradigmatic but merely a reduction of range in favor of depth of topics. Moreover, other determining factors are also not the most easily convincing like the language. Of course, you can tweak your writing to make the tweet more popular but you can keep the same language and follow the time period recommended by AI. Or, you can also change the time period but follow the language instruction from AI to see which variable has more impact.

Still a learning paradigm

AI, whatever is its performance in terms of enhancing social media reputation, has a lot to learn because it has to evaluate the peers of a person and their choices before it can arrive at a consensus. Moreover, there are certain obvious aspects that may come naturally to you even without AI. For example, tagging someone popular will automatically enhance the tweet’s possibility to reach more people. Hence, while it may help people who are joining twitter right now, it is of no avail as of now for those who have reached the pinnacle of popularity.

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