Can Crypto Markets Regulate Themselves Without Decentralization?

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Can Crypto Markets Regulate Themselves Without Decentralization? 1

As Bitcoin’s value spikes above all-time highs, conflict regarding crypto regulations begins to heat up substantially. Online casino members preferred the anonymity blockchain technologies offered, but introducing regulations could eliminate untraceable digital transactions. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether rank as the most popular digital currencies amongst online gamblers because they are considered the least volatile. However, several countries worldwide have presented discussions hinting at third-party interference with the current crypto transaction process.


Forex trading experts support imposing Federal Government regulations to decentralize the crypto market. Nevertheless, opposing supporters push back against progress to institutionalize blockchain ledgers. Enforcing crypto regulations could significantly alter future virtual casino operations and stomp bitcoin betting out of existence. Despite growing fears within the crypto betting communities, several influential cryptocurrencies experienced valuable increases.

Will the Crypto Market Require a New Regulator?

Crypto operators expressed concerns about imposing crypto regulatory structures during such an unprecedented global economy. Crypto firms feel too many regulators already exist, and contradictory enforcements will impede digital currency platforms’ future growth. Besides federal agencies from the United States, government officials from Europe and the United Kingdom approve of implementing crypto regulations. Lawmakers across the world have stumbled upon historical challenges attempting to centralize crypto’s platform, mainly thanks to digital currencies’ lack of borders and jurisdictions.

When online casinos initially launched, lawmakers found themselves facing similar circumstances as they now do with digital currencies. Online casinos removed physical barriers that outlawed gambling activities in restricted areas, ranging from India to the United States. Virtual gambling and Sportsbooks erased previous hurdles that prevented people from placing online bets and replaced them with legal gray areas and loopholes. Very few crypto traders support implementing legal regulations for digital currencies and blockchain ledgers, as they feel it is futile and pointless.

New laws could damage current crypto market trends that have helped prove the platform’s stability. The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom has built functioning financial tech infrastructures that could act as blueprints for other financial regulators. Still, plans to follow through haven’t been scheduled.

Unclear Regulations With Overlapping Difficulties

Current crypto market regulations remain unclear, causing unpredicted uproar within the digital currency community. Crypto traders suggest self-regulation amongst digital finance operations that don’t require creating new regulators for the industry or risking legal difficulties. Since digital currencies lack physical boundaries, market experts aren’t optimistic about future legislation to institutionalize blockchain’s platforms.

Bitcoin, XRP, and Ether have experienced historic price hikes that will likely set future crypto tokens’ pace. Regulatory bodies eagerly await an opportunity to control blockchain’s features, but some crypto experts fear regulatory changes during the fragile economic era.

Should Third-Party Institutions Regulate Crypto Markets?

The 2020 pandemic significantly contributed to Bitcoin’s value increases, supporting crypto traders’ arguments relating to economic fragility. Whether or not regulations will influence Bitcoin’s value isn’t clear, but American economic stimulus plans are expected to increase inflation and impact crypto exchanges. Regulatory structures for crypto exchanges appear chaotic and contradictory to the platform’s majority leaders, but the opposition is confident in its ability to control the reigns of blockchain’s untraceable ledger.

Virtual casinos continue operations without concern, as online casinos faced similar circumstances in the past. With time, crypto markets will likely submit as digital casinos did outside regulations to continue profitable operations. As new global leadership is introduced in 2021, the crypto market is brimming with potential perks.

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