Can tech make ads less annoying?

Can tech make ads less annoying1

Marketing has reached a saturation point with the arrival of the internet as every company can now put up some picture or video on a social media platform and invest a little to make it completely viral across the various sections of audience and also, target specific sects if need be. Hence, it has started to become annoying for many reasons as advertisements eat up a major portion of the content and visible space in social media.

However, Adobe has realized that sooner than others and they are surely committed to make the internet users lives easier and save them from the hassle of unnecessary advertisements. Adobe is going to point out businesses that they are influencing less people and annoying more with their prying nature of marketing. Adobe’s new role as a provider of cloud services to enterprises to go full Monty with the project of digital transformation has pushed it towards this decision.

The right offers with the right technique

Adobe recently pointed out that usual processes of marketing have become boring and hackneyed so new technologies such as VR can be introduced to make it creative. Adobe is keen to give more power to consumers where they can actually see what they want to see through an intervention of VR- be it billboards or other screens.Can tech make ads less annoying?

Another problem with the marketing teams is that they don’t seem to direct the correct offers to the target audience. While there is a lot of hullabaloo regarding big data and its new possibilities in the marketing domain, there seems to be a lot of confusion. So, Adobe suggests something like an offer dashboard that will help push offers across a multitude of platforms and make sure that an offer does not continue to pester people. So, once you avail an exciting offer, the next offer will be about what you can do once you redeem it.

Location-based Ads and improving experience

One of the most important avenues opened up by the location data of mobile devices is to direct ads locally to a globally spread audience. So, if you are at a specific place, offers should pour in from concerned brands of that place only and not from your home town. So, designing a clear topology of offer distributions and sending offer alerts when you reach a location is necessary.

Another factor in advertising that marketing enterprises often forget is to ensure that you offer an experience. So, the journey that a customer undertakes to avail an exciting offer should be worth it so that there is a sense of wholesomeness involved in the process. Adobe is working towards it through AI and allowing more control to the users to control and change your journey.

Quick content management beyond clicks

One of the most troubling aspects of any marketing effort is that they pay little attention to the context of the content and rely on more clicks. However, simply delivering clicks will never be enough to ensure great marketing. So, images, videos and texts should be contextual and quickly editable to make it fit various curves. AI is also behind powering this change to an extent which could take up significant time in software like Photoshop or Premier Pro.

Adobe is trying to go all tech-savvy by unleashing the latest on everyone. From voice recognition to voice assistants- they are employing every cutting technology they have to ensure that marketing is not reduced to a number of clicks which is pure statistics and has no use value. For example, a voice assistant can suggest you interesting offers and updates based on your location, preferences et al.

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