Canada, Dubai, Ireland Emerge as Top Startup Visa Destinations

Young entrepreneurs seek startup visas in Canada, Dubai and Ireland for simplicity, low investments as well as perks like funding and mentorship.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Canada, Dubai, Ireland Emerge as Top Startup Visa Destinations

In the exciting world of startups, young entrepreneurs often face challenges in their home countries like not having enough money or a shortage of skilled workers. To overcome these hurdles, many are turning to startup visa programs in countries various countries including Canada, Dubai and Ireland. These countries are becoming top choices as they make it easy for foreign talent to come in, with simple processes, low investment needs and a bouquet of benefits like funding, mentorship and even a chance for permanent residency or citizenship.


Canada, known for opportunities and diversity, started the Startup Visa Program in 2013. If your business succeeds, Canada gives you and your family permanent residency – no strings attached. What is awesome is that there is no fixed amount you have to invest. You just need a commitment from a Canadian investor.

Dubai, a city of innovation, introduced its Startup Visa in 2017. Here, you don’t need a specific investment amount; you just need a good and innovative business idea approved by the Dubai Future Foundation. Dubai is also generous with funding and support programs. It is a tax-free zone, meaning no income tax, corporate tax or capital gains tax – allowing entrepreneurs to keep more of their profits.

Ireland, a gateway to Europe, started the Startup Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) in 2012. To get in, you only need a minimum investment of €50,000. Unlike some places, Ireland does not make you create a certain number of jobs.

Understanding the ins and outs of these visa programs can be tricky. Many entrepreneurs hire immigration consultants to provide expert advice, personalized service and follow professional rules. Despite the challenges, the appeal of Canada, Dubai and Ireland is strong.

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