Cartken Secures Major Funding to Enhance Autonomous Robotics with AI

By Sunil Sonkar
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Cartken Secures Major Funding to Enhance Autonomous Robotics with AI

Autonomous robotics is gaining momentum and German-founded startup Cartken has emerged as a trailblazer. It has lately secured $22.5 million in funding led by 468 Capital. Other prominent investors included Incubate Fund, LDV Partners, Vela Partners, Magna International, Mitsubishi Electric, Shell Ventures and Volex.


Cartken specializes in robotics navigation software. It is believed to transform industrial automation. It is set to transform last-mile delivery too with its innovative technology.

Traditional mobile robot solutions often fail to function as expected while transitioning between varied environments. Cartken’s autonomous navigation system overcomes such limitations. It is capable in operating in diverse locations.

One notable feature is its hardware-agnostic nature. It utilizes affordable, commoditized sensors and cameras. The approach reduces costs and simultaneously allows different types of vehicles to operate safely.

The track record of Cartken is impressive and it has completed hundreds of thousands of deliveries since inception. Average monthly deliveries are 36,000. Its technology saved more than 10,000 hours in transportation time in 2023. Its efficiency has attracted some major players across various industries and across United States, Germany, Denmark as well as Japan. Moreover, its integration with major delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Grubhub showcases versatility.

Recent expansion of Cartlen into Tokyo, Japan, in partnership with Uber Eats and Mitsubishi Electric, is a significant milestone. Co-Founder and CEO Christian Bersch said the investment accelerates their path towards a future where self-driving technology is ubiquitous across most transport applications.

Bernhard Janke and Bardo Droege, partners at 468 Capital, believe the autonomous navigation systems of Cartken are set to revolutionize industrial automation as well as the last-mile delivery. The initiative provides a glimpse into the future of unmanned vehicles.

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