CEO Pioneers VR Meetings to Revolutionize Remote Work Culture

Glue Collaborations CEO Jussi Havu is revolutionizing remote work with regular VR meetings, aiming to integrate VR into traditional offices.

By Sunil Sonkar
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CEO Pioneers VR Meetings to Revolutionize Remote Work Culture

In an ambitious move to transform remote work culture, Jussi Havu, CEO of Glue Collaborations in Helsinki, has introduced virtual reality (VR) meetings as a regular part of the workweek. The company wants to bring VR into regular offices to help with the challenges of remote work.


While the widespread adoption of extended reality (XR) in office settings predicted by tech giants has not materialized, companies like Glue Collaborations believe in the untapped potential of augmented reality (AR) and VR. Right now, the main goal is to use XR for training.

XR technology is becoming popular for making meetings better, especially for small groups that need focus. Naer, a company from Norway, lets people have virtual brainstorming sessions, no matter where they are. Christoph Fleischmann, who runs Arthur Technologies, says XR is crucial for making virtual interactions feel real and improving how people work together without distractions.

XR technology stands out because it helps get rid of distractions and lets people understand body language better compared to regular video calls. Even though some people find it a bit expensive or uncomfortable, companies like Arthur Technologies focus on big businesses that can afford to invest in this cool technology.

Despite the current reliance on video-conferencing platforms, industry experts anticipate XR’s gradual integration into the hybrid workspace. People who study these things are excited about the new Apple Vision Pro headset. They think it could make XR really popular and common. The idea is that XR could make meetings more interesting without needing big, heavy headsets.

Right now, XR companies know their tech is an extra tool used with regular communication. As things get better, they think XR will become even more important in how we work together.

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