Chai Point Launches IoT-Enabled Tea Dispenser


Chai Point which is a Bangalore based Tea retail chain startup has now introduced a smart, IoT enabled tea dispensing machine which is known by the name as ‘boxC’, which is specially designed to serve the corporate employees and officials. Unlike the ordinary tea machines, this will help people provide tea made from the natural tea leaves which even proves to be more stimulating and healthy. Amuleek Singh Bijral is the co-founder and CEO of chai point.

As of now, the Chai Point has partnered with the IT product manufacturers in India for making the boxC. It will be connected to a cloud-based platform.

Anybody can have access to it and keep a track on the functioning of the machines as well as the billing process. It is made in such a way that will be easily adaptable to a new software in the near future.

Amuleek Singh Bijral, Founder & CEO Chai Point says, “boxC is one of the fastest growing business channels for Chai Point. We have been receiving demands to install boxC from many small as well as Large businesses where their employees can, partially or fully, for a quality beverage to keep going at work. This is the first time that contractual and on-demand billing is integrated and is a testament to the strength of our SHARK platform. Bringing on board the largest payment solutions provider Paytm will ensure that each customer will be able to pay in a simple way and get access to healthy and quality beverages at work. We also plan to extend this kind of integration with other wallets.”

As of now, Chai Point server more than 2 lacs cup of tea every day via orders as well as from its physical stores which is located in eight cities.

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