Intelliflicks Studios Sets New Standard with GenAI Film Teaser

Chandigarh's Intelliflicks Studios releases AI film teaser based on Khushwant Singh's "Maharaja in Denims" at Vibrant Plus.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Chandigarh-Based Intelliflicks Studios Sets New Standard with GenAI Film Teaser

Chandigarh-based Intelliflicks Studios is shaking up the movie world. The startup just released a teaser of first-ever movie made with AI (artificial intelligence). It is a game-changer of course in the entertainment industry. The teaser is based on a book called “Maharaja in Denims” by Khushwant Singh. The teaser was showcased at the Vibrant Plus in the city.


The key person behind this, Gurdeep Singh Pall, who is the CEO of Intelliflicks Studios said this is a huge moment in history. The AI movie is already in the making and is expected to hit the screens around Baisakhi in 2025. He thinks AI is a wonderful invention and can make everything better. He is calling it the fourth industrial revolution. According to him, once AI takes over routine tasks, people can focus on fun and creative things.

Khushwant Singh, who wrote the book that inspired the movie, shared that many filmmakers wanted to turn his novel into a movie. Even an Oscar winner, Guneet Monga, tried in 2020, but it didn’t work out. One big challenge was that the story spans three different times, and after COVID, making such movies became tricky.

Gurdeep also talked about a common worry some have about AI stealing jobs. He thinks that as things shift, people will pick up new skills and it will actually save time as well as energy. He mentioned that in spots where folks work less, they are often happier. So, he is pretty optimistic about the whole AI thing!

Intelliflicks Studios, right now working from a garage, is not only making this groundbreaking AI movie but also creating a special tool to make filmmaking easier for everyone. So, get ready for a new chapter in movies as Intelliflicks Studios steps into the future with AI.

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