Changing Landscape of Data Scientists in AI

AI is changing, especially for data scientists. Rishi Swami from Nirvana spilled the scoop at MLDS 2024.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Changing Landscape of Data Scientists in AI

AI is changing a lot and especially for tech experts called data scientists. Rishi Swami, Head of Data Science at Nirvana Insurance, spilled the beans on these changes at MLDS 2024. He revealed the good and the not-so-easy parts of this shift.


According to Rishi, AI is moving at lightning speed, not just making things faster but also making data scientists learn new stuff super quickly. The boring, repetitive tasks they used to do are now being done by smart machines.

Rishi said some AI tools are changing things in our lives. So, people who work with data need to learn new stuff and not just the usual data science things. The game is changing from the old ways to new and in futuristic ways. Now, with open-source tools and fancy models, AI tasks are getting way easier and quicker.

It is not just cool tech, but it is also making data scientists think in new ways. They are becoming a new kind of tech pros called AI Engineers. It is not only about tech, but it is also about solving real-world problems. Rishi says that data scientists are not just looking at data, but they are making it valuable for businesses.

Looking into the future, the MLDS 2024 talk made it clear that AI changes might shake up how work happens. Knowing everything about the data process, from collecting it to using fancy models, is becoming super important. Rishi also said that AI is doing boring jobs including cleaning up of data. Jobs are changing and we need new skills.

In simple terms, it is not just about cool tech updates. AI data scientists are becoming all-around problem solvers. As AI keeps growing, the skills needed to handle it need to grow too.

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