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Ever thought what will happen if communication does not exist? I know that is the biggest challenge anyone of us would be facing. It is important to communicate with each other. There are many ways to communicate like cellphones, internet, telegram, email when you want to reach out to a person. In case you are developing any software application or a website, the first thing it should be able to do is to meet customer needs. To meet customer needs your website or development tool needs to communicate with the customer. One of the effective ways to communicate with a customer is a chatbot.

A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence software that can simulate a conversation with a user in Natural Language Processing through the websites, messaging applications, mobile apps, or the telephone.

A chatbot is mostly defined as the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines. Moreover, from a technical point of view, a chatbot only represents the natural evolution of a question answering system leveraging Natural Language processing.

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So, here is a compilation of Top 10 chatbot development companies in India. Which are you pick to build a chatbot for your enterprise?

Have you ever looked and get to know much more about a machine that can behave like a human? Someone like Tony Shark in the Robot movie? Well, fiction has become a reality, at least in a minimal measure.

Chatbots are a wide range of virtual robots who will converse with you with human mannerisms. They are programmed beings with a mind of their own who can learn, react, and adapt to queries. Just like the traditional programs that reply with the cannel responses or in an Artificial tone, chatbot development is more about the innovation and personalization.

It clicks into the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning to answer dynamically to customer queries. Since integrating the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a sophisticated task, it takes experience and expertise to handle this heavyweight task.Some of the top chatbot development companies in India are:

Some of the top chatbot development companies in India are:


Ziffity , a chatbot service in India is a Dallas and Bangalore based Transformation company that has an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts who can create a wide range of intelligent chatbots that can give predictions with high accuracy. As a leading running chatbot development company, Ziffity has already established and delivery several messenger bot, that has helped a some of the significant eCommerce giants automate their customer services with great ability.

Ziffity solutions include the experience design, Magento services, B2B/B2C eCommerce, AI chatbots, big data, predictive analysis, virtual & augmented reality, DevOps, Managed services, product re-engineering and brand activations with the help of a Digital Marketing. Our goal culture, process thinking, and people are all aligned to providing fast paces digital transformation solutions. These solutions are driven by in-depth knowledge, passion, and proprietary tools to make a difference for the customers.


PeerBits is one among the most chatbot development companies in India that build chatbots for Facebook, Slack, and some of the similar environment where recurring communication can be automated. The company develops chatbots for a wide range of industrial applications such as banking, marketing, retail, manufacturing, and some many others.

PeerBits is a global IT solution company which is delivering the mobile application, chatbot development web development, and IT consultation services of any complexity to the clients across the globe. It has a strong team of around 100 highly skilled IT experts. It carries out of more than then 150+ clients spread across the world with diverse business verticals. It is committed to excellence with the disciplined and systematic mid-sized portals to complex chatbot development and custom mobility solutions. The company visions to offer the utmost integrity and client satisfaction with the services, creating lasting relationships with the clients.

Clover Infotech

Clover Infotech is a chatbot builder company in India that builds the chatbots on several platforms which include the, Kik Codes, and even so on. Clover Infotech helps the companies to offer chatbot from scratch – right from ideation to integrating the chatbot with the messenger apps like the Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

Clover Infotech is fully equipped with the ISO 27001 delivery centers. With a well-defined development, support and quality framework, it consults companies on their technology roadmap and implements, maintains and support business-critical applications and the underlying infrastructure. The company brings along with in-depth expertise and robust experience in the AI chatbot development, mobility solutions, data analytics, automation solutions, cloud services, and digital experience management.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brand is the largest chatbot development companies in India that offer the chatbot development services for the enterprises that want several kinds of bots for the banking, stock markets, eCommerce, grocery ordering, food ordering, etc. As a top chatbot development company in India, Hidden brand also helps to build a chatbot that can be integrated with the third-party software solutions or messenger apps.

Hidden brains take the pride to serve the clients across the various business sectors, all across the globe for more than a decade with superior quality technology and ideas. It is a pioneer in the world of Information Technology. They consider the requirements of our clients as the topmost priority. This company is empowered by a highly skilled team of experts who offer world-class services and solutions to the customers whilst by ensuring high returns on their investments. With the stringent quality and ownerships control measures, they provide with the superior services and result in oriented solutions on time as well as within your budget.


App Inventive is one of the chatbot solution company in India and is recognized as the potential of chatbots in driving direct personal conversations between the customers and brands. This chatbot development company in India has proven with a track record of building chatbots that can display push links, images, showcase products, and so on as well.

Appinventiv Technologies is recognized as a top-notch AI, chatbot, and mobile app development company offering exceptional offshore software outsourcing solutions to the business across the globe. In just the time period of two years, the company has become a brand name in the application market and a most trusted partner with the expertise in app strategizing, development, designing, quality assurance, and deployment.

Appinventiv takes pride in building around 100 chatbot development apps for clients across the globe with cutting edge technologies and marketing strategies. The company chatbot experts are experienced, proficient, and have a right hand at developing mobility solutions using state-of-the-art technologies like the AR/VR, wearables, IoT, and chatbots.


Mindbowser is a chatbot development in India which helps the enterprises to use the messaging as a platform model with the custom chatbot solutions. Mindbowser has already been successful in launching the ‘Andy’ it custom chatbot that takes care of the automated appointment scheduling.

Mindbowser is a one-stop-shop for all the IT solutions needs, providing a wide range of software services – onshore, offshore as well as a blend of the two. With more than ten chatbots developments, with the roadmap of CMMI level 3 accreditation

Mindbowser team is much more proficient at delivering quality and quick solutions. With a blend of experts with a proven record, their web designers, AI developers, software developers, testers, and business analysts make it possible to offer their clients affordable solutions that are highly influential and innovative.

Mindbowser helps in the marketing of your product by offering ideas, writing press releases, creating videos, creating a buzz about your product, etc. They even keep a close watch on every industry they work in thus understand the trends, and through the experience, they probably know what works and what does not.

Mindbowser believes that every good idea deserves an opportunity. Hence, if you have an idea, we will help you to make it better.


Openxcell is a one of the chatbots development companies that builds the Facebook messenger bots that can communicate with the customers on all channels, which includes the website, mobile app, or closed communication group. Facebook, Slack, telegram is the primary platform for the OpenXcell develops the chatbots.

OpenXcell Techno labs is an ISO 9001:2008 trusted and certified software and chatbot development company. It offers a wide range of services which is ranging from the simple business mobile apps development to complex enterprise chatbot development services. They cater to the client esteemed across the globe with more than 100 dedicated and experienced developers. Thus, OpenXcell is preferred to be the best one-stop solutions for all Information technology needs.

OpenXcell has a good client base and partner base across the globe and is even trying to expand the relationship further. No matter whether you are an entrepreneur looking for an offshore development company or a non-IT firm looking for business software solutions, which is a beautiful opportunity to meet the decide the strategies to excel together.


Pixelcrayons is a world-class chatbot development agency having a physical presence in the United States, India, United Kingdom. It offers a wide range of mobility solutions and web development services. It has also been a leading eCommerce and CMS solution provider since the year 2004. It helps its clients to define and use their offshore strategy, offering them with the value for the money rather than low-cost solutions. Since the year 2004, Pixelcrayons has been servicing SME’s, startups and IT consulting firms across the globe. Today, there are around 300 people company with more than 80% CAGR over the past three years. It was also awarded the NASSCOM Emerge 30-Year 2011 for the consistent growth over the past eight years.

Pixelcrayons chatbot development offers highly intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions that can be implemented into diverse domains such as customer support, entertainment, eCommerce, healthcare, or deliveries services.

Pixelcrayons chatbots can be implemented across the different industry verticals as they can even take care of multiple services like the feedback, booking, customer care, complaints, searching, handling payment process, etc.


Stanfy is a name that needs to be trust when it comes to building a chatbot. Stanfy chatbot development company to develop the AI integrated chatbots that can communicate to the various platform which includes the dynamic social platforms and static websites.

Stanfy is a design and development team which is specializing in mobile UI/UX development across the wearables and mobile devices which includes the Android, iOS, Google Glasses, and Pebble smartwatches.

Since the year 2009, the company has worked with global brand leaders and innovative startups to deliver successful products. The team as of now has released more than 80 projects of AI chatbot developments across a wide range of categories such as the music, telecommunications, consumer marketing, finance, health & fitness, retail, enterprises and much more.

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 The company has some of the top fortune clients which include the IDS Group, KEYPR, IMAX, Merrian Webster, Intel, BeHappy and many other startups in San Francisco and digital agencies in the New York.


Now, last but not least, Synechron a chatbot solution company in India is a robust and reliable chatbot development firm that helps to create a chatbot that can interact dynamically in customer service environments. The chatbots are fully equipped with the machine learning capability that can quickly adapt to the changing patterns of the customer behavior and delivering the responses that will resolve the queries without even demanding much resources.

Synechron, which is founded in the year 2001, is one of the fastest growing IT companies across the globe which is headquartered in Bangalore, offering the next generation technology d consulting solutions and services. It is specialized in Insurance, Banking, and Financial Technology services and its value proposition lies in its global delivery model, thus harnessing industry expertise from established markets such as New York, London, and Tokyo with the complementing technical edge with its development centers in India. It is one of the fastest-growing chatbot development company in India focused on key selected industries giving us an advantage over the competitors and helping to develop chatbot in India.

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So, here are some of the top chatbot development companies in India that have carved a name for themselves by developing wide range of chatbots that often humans in the virtual assistance.

There are three significant things to look out for in chatbots developments. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent and Natural Language Processing. These three capabilities are what makes the chatbots to deliver superior human performance.

All the above companies which e have listed above is a list of chatbot development companies that have proven expertise in developing the AI-driven chatbots with the Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Moreover, there are plenty of others too. These companies belong hands in bringing back to life, virtual chatbots that do more than just by replying to the text messages. They can be a brand-building evangelist for your business that responds, fetch information, and answers better than a human.

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