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Chatbot platform, launched by Makerobos Innovation Labs

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The former CarDekho Vice-President, Robinder Gauba, founded AI Startup Makerobos in 2018, vitally launching customer engagement, chatbot buliding platform, Frontman. This launch was shouldered by Jaipur-based tech startup Makerobos Innovation Labs. Frontman was basically to augment the relationship of customer and businesses. Hence, Frontman is a platform revealing intelligent conversational source between the customer and businesses.

The former VP of CarDekho, raised the bar by helping the brands look forward to have a shot at the customers automate customer service, simplify lead generation and promote new products. The company follows a pattern to specific agendas, aiming for offering engagement centric products enabling marketers, product owners and customer success managers to enroot an intelligent conversational engagement strategy that could set down any conventional method for the businesses to reap the perks of customers that are bound, credible and ardent.

For any business and business agendas, the leading path or strategy is to effectuate the demands of the customers and satisfy them. Any customer service can increase the demands or decrease the demands of the business, it can even vaporize the business or solidify a business to its bound-core. Thereof, the companies hands are full of struggle and tensity for laying-out the business well and satisfying with a large amount of competitive strategies and areas. While, this is a developmental era, people follow the nature of online businesses, where near about 80% of the population uses messaging apps, it becomes the prime source for the businesses to adapt the nature and relate to its core method. Here, it also becomes imperative for the businesses to meet customers demands and also develop a trusting and productive platform for the customers.

“Current market solutions leave a lot to be desired. From our research and analysis and deep enterprise experience, we can say there is truly a need for self serving conversational platform facilitating businesses to built chat interfaces that can harness the micro-decisions consumers experience on a daily basis and see them as an opportunity to help. Whether it’s qualifying a prospect, improving site navigation, updating the shipping info for an order, or giving medical advice, our platform provides a solution when consumer need it most”, simplified Robinder Gauba, CEO and Founder of Makerobos Innovation Labs and former Vice President, CarDekho. “Moreover, almost everything today has become mobile centric, so deploying a conversational chatbot on a website can be a real game changer. People are already acquainted with mobile interface and businesses just need to take this a step further. The Frontman provides mobile optimized experience and app like look and feel which makes easy for companies to interact with customers anywhere,” he exclaimed.

Frotman is a versatile platform to combine software and data together to enhance its ideology. It is a generating platform that allows real-time communications by automated tasks and recorded events, through in-built Business Intelligence and a wise, ingenious way to interact with customers and win the trust by captivating user interface. Whether it is travel, healthcare or automotive, the chatbot building platform could be a immaculate way to celebrate online presence in such a challenging atmosphere.


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