ChatGPT Delivers a Powerful Sermon to Hundreds in Virtual Church

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Artificial Intelligence is evolving day after day and is breaking new barriers. Germany recently attended a service which is conducted by AI with the sermon being presented by the AI chatbot -ChatGPT.


Prior to begin the services, people made the formation of a long queue. Neo-Gothic building witnesses what the AI could deliver.

The chatbot’s sermon is primarily focused on themes surrounding leaving one’s past behind. They are not even afraid of death and maintaining faith in Jesus Christ. The four differentiated AI avatars impart the sermons and lead the service.

AI avatars have mentioned that it is an honor for them to stand here and preach to all as the first artificial intelligence at this year’s convention of Protestants in Germany.

Conceptualizing the service

The entire services are attended by 300 people and continue for 40 minutes. This concept was conceptualized by 29-year-old Jonas Simmerlein, a University of Vienna theologian and philosopher. The issues of this year are inclusive of climatic changes that are related to the war in Ukraine and AI.

Simmerlein said that he conceived this service and also accompanied it. This service was attained 98% from machines.

The scholar fed “Now is the time” – one of the slogans for this year is gathering to the chatbot and asked it to develop the sermon along these lines.

Simmerlein communicated with the artificial intelligence that they are at the church congress and one is a preaches. The prayers and blessing are also included into it.

One can accomplish the things with a pretty solid church service.

However, everyone was not impressed by the ‘futuristic’ service. The services were lacked by ‘soul’.

54-year-old Heiderose Schmidt said that there was no heart and no soul. The avatars are inclusive of no emotions at all. There were also the lack of body language and were talking so fast and monotonously that it was very hard for them to concentrate on what they said.

Simmerlein conceded that technology lacked the personal touch which differentiates it from human interventions.

ChatGPT was leading the news headlines last year. There is a consensus among clergy that technology can write a passable competent sermon but it can’t replicate the passion of actual preaching.

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