Check Out Essential Features For An EDR Cybersecurity Platform

How AI is changing cybersecurity In Companies
How AI is changing cybersecurity In Companies

When it comes to keeping your company safe and secure, there is nothing more important than quality security. This need for high end security comes from the rise in technology in the workplace, and that is not going anywhere soon. As a matter of fact, with the recent issues around major tech giants like Trailwinds getting hacked, endpoint security has never been more important for companies that are operating online than it is now. So, what should you look for in your EDR Cybersecurity Platform? Let’s take a look.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

The most important part of an EDR Cybersecurity System is the Endpoint Detection and Response system. This is a security system that is integrated with your databases so you can control the flow of data around your server. It can detect and encrypt information sent through the servers using entry and exit encryption. That means anything passed through the server can’t be unpacked until it hits the endpoints. This is a major factor for security improvement.

Malware Protection

Malware is a major concern for businesses, as a bit of malware can compromise your entire network. Malware tends to be aimed at control on the computer and monitoring it’s activities, but it can evolve beyond that into a virus that plagues your entire database. If your EDR Security software doesn’t have malware protection, you’re leaving the door open for attacks. All it takes is one bad download to install malware on a computer, and, depending on the malware, it can spread to more devices before you even know it’s there. If an attack opens a port with malware, all of your sensitive information will be available to the people with access to that port.

Download Protection

Like we stated above, it only takes one bad download to get into a situation with malware. With the threat of a malware attack just about everywhere these days, having download protection is a must. With download protection, your security software will read through each file downloaded and block potential threats. This means computers stay safe from malicious software or files being downloaded, no matter where they come from.

Application Control

Application control is another major factor in cyber security. The applications you use in the workplace are essential to your business’s function at its core. These pieces of software are the core of your business productivity, so making sure they stay safe from potential attacks means keeping your company’s operations safe.

Data Loss Prevention

With all of the connections made with your computer these days, you need to really think about your data flow and how to prevent it’s loss through the various connections your computer makes. Data loss can happen from Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth connections, printers, your ISP and anything else that sends or receives data in any way. Data loss prevention stops potential attackers from leaking your information or data outside of the server, and keeps your data safe from leaks.

Behavior Analysis

Understanding how the people in your company are using the software given to them is important. The common functions and flows help you determine if there is an issue inside your database by bringing attention to outlier actions taken. These uncommon behaviors will help your security team locate issues like breaches and leaks in the system by bringing attention to these strange actions that aren’t normally seen from specific users.

Avoid Security Softwares Without These Features

When you are looking into the right security software for your organization, you really want to make sure it at least covers these basics of what a quality EDR cybersecurity platform should have. If the software you are looking at can’t help in all of these areas of your security, you should probably move on to something more comprehensive. The reason being, you can’t skimp when it comes to security because the lack of true protection will eventually catch up with you.

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