China Is Driving To 5G And IoT Through Global Collaboration

China Is Driving To 5G And IoT

Often, before the arrival of a great technology, the very preparation determines how easily it will be accommodated within the existing communication paradigm. IoT or internet of things is already entering public lives and 5G in on the cusp of breaking in. Now, since the networks of today thrive on futuristic technologies to better themselves and try to seek interconnectivity more and more, it is natural that there has to be some kind of technological revolution to meet the demand. If IoT was the first glimpse of it, then 5G arrives with the full force of it. Technologies will now be visualized, delivered open source and operating across vendors that are well-integrated within a dense network.

Among the leaders of this scenario, ZTE, Huawei and China Mobile are surely worth their praise as they look forward to a unique global collaboration. Now, Linux has come forward with an initiative called OPNFV that will integrate these components and ensure that they are interoperable. The platform is known as Network Function Virtualization or NFV that allows carriers to move beyond devices to enter the world of virtual functions. Such a shift from hardware to software is something to pay attention to in this regard.

Change is imminent- a realization

While the question may ponder everyone that why China, a country that operates on its own, suddenly opened its windows and allowed a conversation between the giants of communications around the globe. Given that the new OPNFV summit was held in China and all the big names participated strongly, it goes to show that they are not shying away from collaboration. The funny thing is, everyone seems to be talking about collaboration because they have realized that the network is expanding and the potential is not worth handling alone. Rather, spreading one out through collaborations would help a company reach the depths of a network that remain untraversed.

In fact, these collaborations may lead to new tools of communication for some as new set of requirements will arrive anytime soon. China as a choice may surprise many, but it is important to remember that this event may open the door for a warmer collaboration between the west and east, especially after decades of acrimony. Once this geographic limitation and regulatory hazards are circumscribed, collaboration is simple since it is at the level of software. For equipment providers, however, the challenge is immense and hence, inclusivity is being sought at all points.China Is Driving To 5G And IoT Through Global Collaboration

China is the biggest market

Well, the more the population, the more the potential for a communication market. It’s a simple number game and China leads them all. The global mood of the event was celebrated by Chinese companies too as they understand that the arrival of 5G will tilt the power balance towards China if they plan to lead from now on. Of course, the impact will be on the carriers as an immediate one, but it will be interesting to see how enterprises manage it by integrating the new technology within fields of cloud, containers as well as virtual networks.

Careers nowadays are moving through IP switching, but with 5G, it may well be a sea change as it is the proverbial return to traditional career. But, it is unlike other traditional careers where stodgy, dial tone based networks used to be set up. As 5G revolutionizes the idea of career, the aforementioned NFV project may come hand to help pass the transition. Open source will rule the globe as both hardware and software are now dependent on it and form the critical part of this new burgeoning technology.

Open source defines the future

While there is much debate about whether open source is at all safe or not, there is no doubt that already, there are a number of organizations that are driving communication technology forward and most of them are open source. OPNFV is only a strand of that bunch and exemplifies the championing of open source to get faster access to technology. 5G will surely be the most virtual communication technology with heavy dependence on cloud. China has seized the moment like no other at the right time and stood up for its claim in the market.

This move has propelled China way ahead of everyone else in the market as they look forward to break down the many barriers that were built across the ages in the past. Whether such a hurried process brings eventual success or not may be debatable, but surely for now, all eyes are on China as its major players prepare themselves for the arrival of 5G. With IoT being integrated to every single futuristic technology, China may hold the key to marry communication technology with hardware and software and bring the automation revolution as dreamed by many researchers around the world.

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