China improves casino format with AI technology

China improves casino format with AI technology 1

Casinos are an excellent hub for money and gambling and are famous throughout the world, especially in las vegas, Sentosa island, China, and many other countries. People from all over the world pick these countries for their vacations to have a good time both in earning money and having fun

China takes its casino to a whole new level of fascinating people by adding Artificial Intelligence into their casinos. They are now using AI in casinos to identify who is to lose and help them.

AI not only helps in developing other sectors but also helps in developing the entertainment sector. The technology uses algorithms that process how customers behave at the table to determine their appetite for risk. The more the risk appetite, the more a gambler attains to lose.

“Those who can manage to lose, those who play yet more even after losing money, we can for sure grant them a free meal,” stated Andrew Lo, executive director of Macau junket operative Suncity Group Holdings Ltd. Suncity uses technology developed by Las Vegas-based Walker Digital Table Systems — which can invisibly track chips, wagers and game outcomes — at the casino, it is building in Hoi An, Vietnam.

This development is a significant advantage for China to attract people from different parts of the world. By doing this, China’s national income also increases, which the company looks to as a significant benefit.

Coming up with this new idea, China stands as a remarkable and ideal country that inspires other countries famous for casinos to start up and implement this idea in their casino fun zones and the players have a slight chance of losing in the game and can win. This also encourages people to invest in casinos and hence can be played by many other countries throughout the world

China has enabled hidden cameras, facial recognition technology, and digitally-enabled poker chips and tables to identify which customers are likely to lose the most money. With this technology, chances of cheating and illegal activities can be put to an end, which is also suitable for the casino zones and the country.

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