‘Chitti’: Artificial Intelligence App for Personal Assistant

AI Assis, a company which is started by the IIIT-H alumni and incubated by the IIIT-H, has launched and revealed Chitti, an Artificial Intelligence-based app that works as a social, personal and networking assistant and do some of the stuff for its users. It was launched by the Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, TS Government Principal Secretary.

The app provides personalized services such as the make suggestions, recommendations follow commands and answering queries and much more. Working just like a real personal assistant, it makes phone calls, check out information, gives reminders, gives you information on entertainment social media and much more. The app also accepts the voice as well as the typed commands.

The app which is designed with the advanced machine learning techniques, the app learns from the actions of the user only, choice and preferences to offer the much more enhanced and professional services. One of the latest innovative advanced features of the Chitti app is that it is based on the user interest, objectives and actions, it even filters out the social media news feed for the user. In the coming version, Chitti is going to be much more seamlessly carry out the chores such as the booking services, ordering food and many more.

Speaking to the Siva Kumar, CEO of AI Assis, he says “There are several Mobile apps today in the market that carry out human-like actions for its users. However, most of them are lacking in AI and machine learning. Therefore, their applications are limited to accepting commands and following them. There’s hardly any interactive association with the user, and this restricts the user experience”.

He further added, “One of the distinguished features that our app offers are weeding out overwhelming social media information. Thus, the user saves time from the information. This is the real feature that helps users save their precious time and energy.”

Chitti provides unique features such as the Open letter, Event Management, Execution, Digital Cards and much more. It also helps the user to engage better with the customer, friends, create value and colleagues for the users.

Written by Sony T

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