Chrome is bad for your laptop’s battery, claims tech giant Microsoft

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Google Chrome is the web browser of the masses. While there are a few who prefer other options like Firefox and Opera Mini, statistics reveal that Google Chrome is the chosen one among the people of the Internet age. If you’re one of those proud users of Chrome or any of the above mentioned browsers for the matter of fact, here’s a news that will make you think twice the next time you’re about open your chosen browser .

According to tech giant Microsoft, which is considered as a trusted and reputed brand in the tech and software world, browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. aren’t the best options available for your expensive and precious laptop’s battery.

The tech giant arrived at this conclusion after it did a battery test video by pitting its powerful Edge browser against the likes of Firefox, Opera and the one considered the best, the Google Chrome.

The result they achieved are as follows (in hours, minutes and seconds):

1) Microsoft Edge: 7:22:07
2) Opera: 6:18:33
3) Firefox: 5:09:30
4) Chrome: 4:19:50

The battery test entailed streaming the same HD video for hours on each of the browsers.

The test results revealed shocking results. Microsoft Edge browser, which emerged as the winner lasted a good 70% longer than the much famous Chrome, which occupied a sad last position. According to Microsoft, its browser Edge is powerful enough even when it comes to non-video tasks and can lasts up to 36 to 53% longer than its counterparts. The other tasks includes reading emails, articles, and opening websites, tabs etc.

Recent times have seen Microsoft aggressively promoting its web browser and its features. Recently in a blogpost, the company wrote, “We designed Microsoft Edge from the ground up to prioritize power efficiency and deliver more battery life, without any special battery saving mode or changes to the default settings.”

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