Cisco Will Make IOT Safe

CISCO will make iot safe again

Cisco is one of the biggest names in the communication world and they are taking the world by storm by using IOT to such an extent that no one will ever worry about its safety.

Opportunity To Get Data

They are going ahead with a fundamental change in mind regarding the application of IOT. So, they ensure that a greater usability and security is at stake and they provide enterprises an opportunity to get data from millions of objects connected via IOT network. Cisco has, however, a huge advantage in terms of its position and this is precisely why it has the power to do wonders. Cisco networks have an upper hand in the networks of Internet protocol and hence, they can change networks at will and make sure that it functions well with IOT. So, many devices will enter the market and totally change the IOT scenario. Thing is, the internet that exists is hardly suitable for IOT since there can be multiple problems with the network including security breaches.

CISCO Going to Lead the IOT Revolution

Hence, a complete revamping of the network is the need of the hour. However, Cisco has the supreme power and they, as it should have been, are going to lead the IOT revolution. There are, however, quite a few players who are going head to head with Cisco. They know the lucrative possibilities of IOT and hence, they are rolling out IOT with assurance of security. ARM, more famous for its IC design, not only introduced a cloud service keeping in mind of applying IOT since, again comes the issue of dominance, they use ARM chips. So, big names that somehow can dominate the market in the context of IOT are all going together for this exciting new technology. Cisco, however, may well trump the situation by providing certifications for IOT devices. They will certify if a device is compatible with their network or not which puts ARM in a new spot of bother. The software will automatically detect if the device in use is white-listed or not. So, unless both the endpoints are completely safe, it will be rejected and blocked henceforth.

cisco iot revolution

Revolutionize the Security Procedure

In short, devices will be in continuous dialogue with the networks telling them security problems and operation procedures for each device in relation to the networks. This will revolutionize the security procedure surely since no one can attack the CCTV feeds once they are protected by this network. CCTV feeds are easily infected by viruses and surely, a great concern for everyone in terms of various levels of security. Empowered with this network, they are as secure as they can ever be. However, for running the new form of internet, they need humongous amount of manpower since this is a change of unprecedented scale. Hence, Cisco is collaborating with various forces to ensure that it is not short of requirement. Some of these companies are Jasper technologies, DNA etc. In fact, it has gone on to collaborate Apple and it can be considered the first step towards implementing a new network.

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