Clearbot’s Solar Boats Set to Revolutionize India’s River Cleaning

Clearbot's solar-powered boats will clean up pollution in India's waterways starting in March.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Clearbot's Solar Boats Set to Revolutionize India's River Cleaning

Clearbot, a company from Hong Kong, is bringing in solar-powered boats to clean up pollution in India’s rivers and oceans, to help with the growing environmental problems. These high-tech boats will be sent out in March to help Clearbot clean up polluted waters all over the country.


Each of Clearbot’s new self-driving electric boats is equipped with state-of-the-art technology capable of collecting approximately 500 kg of plastic waste and other debris from rivers and oceans. This is much better than the company’s current robotic cleaners used in Indian rivers.

Founded by graduates from the University of Hong Kong in 2019, Clearbot aims to transform the marine services sector by automating and electrifying tasks traditionally performed by manned diesel boats. According to Utkarsh Goel, the co-founder and chief technology officer, the vision is to promote sustainability within the industry.

Originally conceived as a student initiative to aid Indonesian surfers in efficiently cleansing waterways, Clearbot has evolved into a global endeavor. Recognizing the substantial demand for sustainable marine infrastructure, founders Goel and Sidhant Gupta expanded their focus.

In the past year, Clearbot has deployed 13 boats capable of collecting up to 250 kg of plastic waste daily in locations like Hong Kong and India. These self-driving electric boats can move on their own in water and collect floating trash to recycle later.

India, accounting for approximately 13 per cent of global ocean plastic, remains a primary target for Clearbot’s expansion.

Clearbot’s new way of doing things has caught people’s interest and got them $4 million in funding. Big names like the Alibaba Entrepreneurship Fund and Gobi Partners GBA believe in Clearbot’s ability to make good changes in the marine services industry.

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