Client Questionary for Mobile App Development Companies

Client Questionary for Mobile App Development Companies 1

There are many entrepreneurs who are planning to take their business onto the mobile app platform. But why don’t they select websites? It may be because mobile apps are generating over 80 billion USD every year and is to be projected over 180 billion USD by 2020. Many times entrepreneurs put their blind faith in a weak development company and regret the decision because the mobile app development company fail to deliver the product and most of the times it is the company’s fault.

If your client is new to developing apps and then you need to have a thorough discussion about the project with the client. It is also possible that your client doesn’t have any technical background but you can still provide inputs related to your project and your budget estimate. As a development company, if you want your project to be successful you should ask and clear as many details as you can with the client before you accept the project.

But, what are the questions you should ask your client before accept their project?

General information about the client’s organization

  • Please brief history of the company?
  • Who is the targeted audience?
  • Who are the potential customers?
  • How did you come to know about us?

These questions will give you a basic idea of the client’s company and will get you familiarized with their business. You will know about their competitors and the targeted audience.

Discussion about the app development process

After you are acquainted with your client you can start discussing the development process. The purpose of the application and the platform preference are the main highlight of this discussion. Platform choice means whether they want to avail the android app development services or the iPhone app development services. Here are the questions.

  • Looking for mobile application or web application?
  • Have you developed an app developer before?
  • Want to develop an iOS-based application or Android-based application?
  • What are the features that you want to include?
  • What is your budget estimate?

These questions will give you an idea of what they are looking for in their application and how much are they ready to spend. It will also let you know in which technology you should work in.

App design questionnaire

Area of app design is as crucial as the platform preference and budget factor. The design of the app holds the two most essential elements of any app development (User interaction and User interface).

  • What would be the name of the app?
  • What type of content do you want in your app?
  • What would be the Icon of the app?
  • What kind of color scheme would you like for the app?
  • Do you want landscape or portrait size for your app?

These questions will give you an idea for the design for your app and you can even suggest the client if there are other new design patterns for their app.

App security questionnaire

You won’t want the app to that you create be vulnerable. You should be clear with the client about the security layers that the client wants in the application. You can suggest them to include SSL security certificates as well as implementing security protocols and verifications using SMS and Email in their application. Sure security questions are technical questions but it is your responsibility to make them understand the security risks and the technological aspects of the solution.

  • Do you want a login page in the app?
  • Would you prefer cloud-based services? If yes, what kind of cloud based services?
  • What kind of app distribution would you prefer (public, private or enterprise distribution)?

The client may think that you will cover the security part, but the client won’t even be aware of the security issues in the app. It becomes your duty to ask them what level of security they want in their app.

Budget and deadline

The foundation of any app development project is the budget limit. The budget limit is something that will decide if you can accept the client’s project. If they can’t spend the amount for the app they are asking, you will know whether to back down from the project.

Deadline is really important for you as a mobile app development company. If you manage to deliver the product in time, you can gain a reputation as a good development company. So if your client is asking to complete the project in an impossible deadline you can back off from the deal.


If you are approached by a technically experienced client the process will be easy. But if you get a client who doesn’t have any technical experience you should explain the technical point of view along with the business point of view. We at Vrinsoft explain our clients all the essential things required for their application.

Written by George McCormick

Mr. George is the programmer at the Vrinsoft PTY LTD – a globally recognized software and mobile app development and IT consulting company. With 10+ years of experience in the IT industry

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