Cloud computing advantages: cloud benefits in motion – cloud myths, truths and evolution

For almost two decades cloud computing is used. It is predicated that by 2020, the companies and business will invest more in cloud technology. Cloud is helping us in saving money, time and space also. The International Data Group has found that already 69 percent of the business has started to use Cloud technology. Dell also found that if business is using cloud then they will get 53 percent more revenue. The cloud technology is dramatically impacting the business. Investors are spending more money as they want more revenue. In this rapid progressive world, it is absolutely necessary to use updated software. Cloud technology is one of the best options.

Over the last few years, cloud computing is gaining importance. As the use of data is increasing, it is really important for the users and the companies to store the important data. To keep all the data together in a safe environment, cloud computing is the ultimate solution. The cloud technology works just like the web based email clients system. It helps the users to access the data anytime and from anywhere. Not only businesses are using cloud, but we common people are using cloud technology in our everyday lives.

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Like we use Google Drive, Gmail and TurboTax, are all cloud based. Facebook and Instagram are also using the cloud technology. Employees who access the customer details from their tablets or smart phones are all sing cloud device. Just like if they are using Salesforce, they are using one of the best cloud apps. From anywhere at any time you can access the details. Some of the major benefits of cloud computing is discussed here:Cloud computing advantages: cloud benefits in motion – cloud myths, truths and evolution

  • Cost saving method:

Twenty percent of the people are worried about the cost that will be required while investing in the cloud technology. If you are thinking about the cost then you should also keep the ROI in your mind.

If you switch to cloud computing, then you will not only save money but you will also save time. If you are setting up onsite infrastructure, then the maintenance of the devices are more expensive. You need to maintain the hardware and the software.

If you choose the method of pay as you go then you can just pay the amount for the storage you are using. You don’t need to pay extra. It was surveyed by the Bitglass in 2015, that the companies have saved money just by using the cloud technology.

  • Safety and security

The issue of safety and security comes first in any organization. Not only they need to keep their internal data save but they also need to protect the data of their customers. This required is fulfilled mostly by the cloud computing.

How can you judge that the data that you are producing or you are using are safe. If any employees are accessing the data from their home for work purpose also then it needs to be protected.

Cloud computing monitors the security the whole day. Cloud computing not only prevents external attacks, like hacking or phising, it also prevents internal threats. It is mostly found that the major number of data theft occurs to internal factors. Due to the reluctance of the employees it occurs mostly. Cloud computing keeps it more securely.

In a research by the RapidScale, they found that companies have improved their security structure approx 93%. It has helped them to be more compliant to government norms and other data acts. The cloud computing mostly uses encrypted data. This data is vey less hacked and the data is also stored in the database. The security set up can be modified as per the companies’ requirement.

  • Flexible option

The cloud computing helps the business in offering a flexible option to the business. If your IT dept wants to store data but you also need to cater to your customers needs then cloud computing is a good choice. If your requirement is for extra bandwidth then cloud based service can keep it updated.Cloud computing advantages: cloud benefits in motion – cloud myths, truths and evolution

As per the InformationWeek, found that the best ability to meet the business needs can be done by cloud. Cloud is a very flexible method for them. They have the authority and the freedom to change the efficiency level in the company.

  • Quality Control

The cloud stores all the data in the same format. By using this, the data can be maintained easily. As the overall format is same, people can use them easily. It will help them to reduce errors also. If any employees by mistake save the data in an incorrect format, retrieving it becomes a real challenge. In case of cloud computing, that rarely happens.

  • Disaster Recovery system

If you save the data in the hardwares and the softwares and during any manmade and natural disasters, the data can be easily lost. These cases cannot be controlled easily. A disaster can happen at any time and at any place.

Recovering the data will be really expensive but a crucial part also. There will be a downtime of the business and it will impact the whole industry. Not only your customers will be impacted but your company may face loss also.

If you are using cloud, then you don’t have to feat any kind of disasters. The data can be recovered easily at any point of time. As the data is stored in cloud database, it will be every hard to damage it.

It is found that 20n percent of the cloud technology users, swiftly recover the data. They can recover it within 4 hours but if you are a non cloud user then it may take many days also to get the back of the data.

That’s the reason why people are willing to invest more in cloud computing. Almost 43 percent of the people want to invest in cloud for this major reason.

  • Automatic software updates and sustainability

As the technologies are changing the softwares gets updated on a regular basis. Our different needs have different softwares to cater. Updating the softwares requires lots of time. There may be a downtime also for this updating. If you use cloud then the cloud app will get the softwares updated on a regular basis without any such hassle.

In a study it was found that 77 percent of the business feels that they should use cloud as they waste lots of time in getting the apps updated. It also helps in sustainability. It helps in reducing energy and waste.

Lots of paper waste and energy can be saved. If your business uses more hardwares then the data use will be more. They will also produce data waste.

Cloud is by far one of the best creations of technology. Just like Television and internet have impacted our lives. In the same way, cloud is shaping the world. Business believes in changes and change is only constant.

If you are not adapting your business with this technology then you will be left behind. Almost all the business is going towards cloud. Even if you are using Google Drive or Google mail you are using cloud. Even you can save important images, videos and photos in the Google Drive which you can access very easily.

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