Cloud Computing can help Improve Local Situation

Cloud Computing can help Improve Local Situation

Cloud computing is a service that is being used by all of us every day without even realising it. When we are accessing any mobile apps like or online shopping services we are using the cloud. Cloud computing is basically delivering services using any public networks like the internet or a private corporate network.

Businesses can exhaust various IT facilities like hardware, software and storage as a utility by paying a charge without having the trouble to build their own.

Cloud Computing has reduced the cost and time of business

Cloud computing has provided the business with the power to implement huge projects in a very short time with a predictable budget. This has flung open the road for more development and testing and its effect could be seen on the new awe-inspiring technological development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Block chain, Bitcoin and many more.

Communities can be benefitted

Any communities or common people can profit from these seemingly endless new cloud-based services launched almost every day. These services ranging from financial to healthcare even manufacturing have the power to provide all of us with some solution to our problems. Manufacturers are using the cloud to innovate and produce new models with much cheaper cost and at a faster rate, this in turn affecting the entire supply chain positively.

Businesses can now draw new paths to reshape and grow their businesses and they should take advantage of it. Kenya as one of the technologically leading African nation should lead the way and leverage these technological innovations to push for an inclusive development.

Africa’s development problem is unique and the best solution should emerge from within. Technology is not unique but the uniqueness lies in its usage.

Kenya is way ahead in internet and mobile coverage than her nearest competitors. The innovation infrastructure is also thriving catching attention of the global companies. One of the most successful examples is mobile money transfer network. Kenya is an example in this when other countries are struggling to establish a workable solution.

Cloud is Enabling Innovation

In the healthcare business, artificial intelligence and robotics are helping people living in the remote areas to seek medical help without travelling far.

The financial system is also benefitted from technological innovation as lesser human intervention ensure more amount of tax is collected and more revenues distributed with minimum loss. Kenya has achieved that with Fintech and Telco, their speed has been one of the fastest in the continent.

Africa gets an opportunity to use its own potential leveraging the cloud services and she should apply this to create the greatest developmental impact.

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