Cloud Computing is the password for Business Houses?

Cloud Computing in no time at all

Today, cloud computing is the password of all business organisation globally. And the market of the cloud computing is growing at a fast rate as data analytics and machine learning algorithms change the future of the enterprises.

Growth in cloud computing services have risen by 20% from the survey conducted in 2011 to the survey conducted in 2014. Reports claim that more than 30% of business world avail cloud services entirely while the rest spend majority of their revenue on the services. And the main factor behind this huge surge in initializing cloud computing services in the organisations is the large benefits that cloud computing provides outputting all other combined services.

  1. Adaptability – Technology is changing day to day. The software which was a major upgrade today becomes outdated tomorrow. And to be in the market, the enterprise needs to be updated as soon as technology upgrades itself. And cloud services, as being dependent on the Internet provide this huge advantage. It makes the business organisation flexible, adapting according to the needs of the clients.
  2. Reduced Expenditure – Instead of buying bulk commodities to get single advantage, the cloud market provides all in one support at a minimized cost. The company needs to pay for only those services that it utilises. Instead of paying for the entire day, the business needs to pay only for the periodic time that the services were availed.
  3. Always available – The cloud is never switched off. Like the Internet, the enterprise can access the services sitting anywhere in the world at any time. All cloud applications and data can be accessed from any Internet connected device.
  4. No management – The cloud computing services do not require any management team or its own. This process is kept up to date by the service providers, who not only ensure that their services are up-to-date in the market but also manage the underlying foundation of the system.
  5. No Installation charge – To avail the services of the cloud, the company does not need to spend billions of money to build hardware structure or install extra softwares. There is no need to build new facilities or any other amenities. Any small company can sign up of the cloud services.
  6. Increased participation – Two branches of the same enterprise can easily interact and co-participate to new business strategies without changing either of their location. As access to data and information is centralised, any update from one end of the party is instantly reflected on the other end thus ensuring smooth link of information without any extra cables or wires.
  7. Security – Security is the major advantage that cloud provides. With top encryption methods and robust multi-layers of security, data is stored most securely in cloud computing than any hardware or software compilation. You can even remove all data from a hacked system remotely by the cloud service features.
  8. Easy recovery from failure – Any business can crash at any time which is unknown to any person. However, cloud with its easy automatic backup features can provide faster recovery. This not only saves time as the user do not have to manually backup data, but also reduces investments for hiring management teams to repair the failure.
  9. Environmentally friendly – No extra buildings, no cutting down trees, no pollution in air and water, the cloud services being based on the Internet and thus largely energy and electricity is rather environment friendly not only for a single location but only for all the centres of the company.
  10. Happier employees – A satisfied happy employee is the key to better productivity for the enterprise. And cloud computing enables the organisation to satisfy its employees with lollipops like working facility from home, access to all data in the system and many more.

Written by Srikanth

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