Why cloud computing for small businesses is a powerful solution

The rise of cloud computing means for IT Pros2

Every organisation whether small or large uses cloud computing services. Not only so, now small organisations are challenging bigger giants in their fields, all thanks to the services of cloud.

Surveys predict that cloud services will have increased their revenue from $80 billion in 2015 to $167 billion by 2020. This is due to the fact that the various advantages cloud can offer. Some benefits of using cloud computing services are:

  1. No new hardware or software installation – You only need a computer and an active Internet connection to access the services. Even no upgradation is required as the service provides always keep the system up to date.
  2. Tight-locked security features – Cloud services offer to the best encryption procedures as a security check which is as robust as the government agencies. The company do not need to spend millions of money or even hire security teams to maintain their data.
  3. Available all the time, for all pupose – The company may be closed at certain time periods but the services is available 24×7 days. The employees can also access its services while on a vacation or on the move. Whether it being creating reports, to making payment invoices or paying salaries, the computing services is applicable to all business spheres.
  4. Pay for only what you use – Instead of big softwares that poke to buy their whole package where you only few 2 of their features, here, you pay for only those that you use. The services providers even provide license systems that allow variety of services at a very minimized cost.
  5. Reducing the finance – Instead of buying several products to meet the company’s demands, cloud computing provides all in one support. The company now does not need to spend revenue to buy antivirus and security programmes, can reduce the number of employees required to maintain the system, and even minimize the massive hardware installation costs.
  6. Recovery from failures – Even if the company has a system failure, all its data is safe as it is stored in the cloud. And with multi cloud computing emerging in today’s world, there remains no risk at all as you can continue your services even if one cloud service fails.
  7. A Happier organisation – As all employees have access to the same data, there is no distinction between the employees. Sitting at home, the employee can easily access and up to date his pending works happily with cloud computing services. And satisfied employees bring better productivity to the company.

It is not only the computing power of the cloud that makes it most sought after but also, the process by which it makes the small company able to run more quickly and easily in their activities. It helps enterprises to source, scale and deliver on demand better than ever before.


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