Top Trends Of Cloud Computing In 2019

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Top Trends Of Cloud Computing In 2019

Cloud computing is an obscure service now turned in multi-million dollar business in the past few decades. Now we are going to discuss top trends in cloud computing this year. Cloud is just a digital version of the warehouse. Amazon web services launched the first cloud in August 2006. Later Google followed the footstep of Amazon and launched its Google App engine in 2008. Mostly cloud computing trends began after the research of benefits and opportunities for this new platform.


Since the beginning of cloud computing services, it has undergone a lot of changes. Based on the services offered and location cloud computing is divided into various types like private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud. Based on the services the cloud is divided into different types likes infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service. For the year 2017 cloud computing industry alone generated 180 billion dollars. The revenue is expected to increase in 2019.

The following are the new and old practices that will surely change the industrial operations:

Multi-cloud strategies:

Mostly high use case driven approaches are to be adopted by the cloud vendors. In large geographically distributed organisations during few years multiple cloud vendors have been prevalent. As it became mainstream in 2018 hence the management complexity has been increased which resulted in the prominent discussion on ‘multi-cloud’.It was predicted that it would reach around 240 billion dollars in 2019 by Gartner. The key challenges like integration, migration, workloads and technology stacks are to be addressed by 2019 with the help of multi-cloud strategies.

Cloud-Based Network Services:

There was a widespread of adopting on-demand network services in the last few years. There were benefits of cloud integration, unified security, network analytics and dynamic traffic optimization. In 2018 concepts like Naas, NFV, SD-WAN did not take adoption in large scale. With the most advanced features infrastructure leaders like VMWare, NTT etc., are providing strong Naas and SD-WAN solutions.

Companies can build centrally managed systems which helps to optimize the traffic, building virtual systems and build scale on-demand network systems with the help of Network as a service(NAAS).NAAS is replacing traditional network management.

There should be a gradual increase in the adoption of Naas, SD-WAN by 2019.

Serverless Cloud Computing:

Traditional cloud computing needs servers to process the data and also needs server integration for processing. But the advent the technology servers are replaced in 2019. This definitely is the major trend in 2019. This serverless cloud computing is mostly adopted by startups which improve efficiency, less cost and effort. All the data will be stored online which eliminates the need for server integration. With the advent of this technology, even the old organisations started using this serverless cloud computing.

5G Networks:

In countries like India where the use of internet activity is 90% which is mostly handled with the help of mobile devices, the 5G network plays a key role. It is being tested in many parts of the world. With the increase of data in every small organisation, there will be a need for strong and reliable internet connection which all the people are looking for 5G due to its speed. As LTE already plays a vital role in reliable and fast connection and now its time for 5G in 2019.

Cost Effective Storage Solutions:

With the increase in cloud computing industries, it is going a lot of changes. In 2017 the main objectives of cloud computing are massive growth and cost-effectiveness. With the increase in demand for cloud computing there will also be the increase of cost but due to fewer investors in the market, the storage is available at cheaper prices of 10 cents for 1 TB data storage maintenance. This lesser prices gave the companies which offer ridiculously cheap cloud solutions for storage.

Cloud Data Management:

Enterprise cloud computing is a trend in 2019, cloud data management is becoming one of the hot topics nowadays. Serious planning, analyzing the stored data, data aggregation, constant optimization are required for effective cloud data management. Without the proper management of the cloud, there will be several functional issues. With the data being the nucleus of the cloud managing the cloud plays a crucial role in cloud computing architecture.

Cloud-Based Container Systems:

We always used to hear about the replacement of hardware by cloud but we never heard about the replacement of software. The software in the cloud point of view means virtual machines which are to be replaced by cloud-based container systems. The entire package like applications, dependencies, binaries and other libraries are included in this cloud-based container systems.

Without thinking about the personal complexities the package can be deployed quickly with this package. So the app developers and software developers are more benefited by this without worrying about a load of the entire software package. When compared to virtual machines containers are faster and smaller. Rancher Lab’s Rancher, CoreOs’s Tectonic are the few examples of containers.

Hyperscale Datacenters:

We already had 500 hyperscale datacenters which are going to increase 600 in the next few years. There will be a massive amount of data being generated every day by people, organisations and big enterprises. Top industries like banking, e-commerce, supply chain management, social networking are already into digital transformation. Due to this, there is a rapid increase in the hyperscale datacenters in the last 3 years. The trend is to be accelerated with concepts like accelerating and data virtualisation concepts. This is one of the major cloud computing trends in 2019.

All these cloud computing trends will boost up the cloud computing usage in 2019 and there will be a lot more growth in the coming years. Various certification services like Azure, AWS, Google and Salesforce are to be offered by many career organisations like whizlabs which help professionals to move a step ahead in future.

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