Cloud Computing: Will 2018 be the Year of Rapid Growth?

Cloud Computing: Will 2018 be the Year of Rapid Growth?

In any organization, cloud computing plays a key role these days. The companies have to store and preserve their huge data in a secured place. So they are opting for cloud computing. Almost all the data are preserved in the cloud. Storing huge volume of data is now widely offered by cloud computing. Apart from storing data, cloud has various other advantages. Cloud computing decreases the cots, gives remote access, better IT support, managing and maintenance are the key elements which can be achieved by the organizations. It is estimated by Forrester, that in the year 2020, the cloud market will be worth $236 billion. Let’s see how cloud computing will help 2018 to be a year of rapid growth and technology.

  • It is predicted that within the year 2026, the cloud storage expenses will reach to 16% CAGR by the SliconANGLE. This is all because of the cloud computing. We are stepping in a world of Internet of Things. The smart gadgets or the smart wearable are all operated and the data is stored in the cloud. IoT presence is found in all the fields.

Human beings are including IoT in education, science, healthcare, agriculture everywhere. People are getting smart devices like FitBit to track their health. For their home purposes, people are using Alexa or Amazon Echo. The number of gadgets and the smart devices users are increasing in a working rate. So the data are getting stored in the cloud. In the coming years, we will see that with the help of cloud computing, the IoT have touched almost all the spheres of our lives.

  • More divisions of Cloud

The public, private and the hybrid clouds are getting characterized by cloud computing. The enormous IT providers are cloud washing the terminology. The merchant’s renditions of the frameworks are combined with the public cloud.

  • Highly flexible

The cloud service is a tailor made option for the companies. Any business can opt for cloud services according to the suitability. Cloud is very flexible; it gives them the option to change anytime. If the business is increasing or decreasing, the cloud technology can be modified accordingly.

  • Easy recovery

Any data if it’s affected due to any natural or manmade disaster, it needs to be recovered properly. For any company losing their data becomes really difficult and challenging also. They cannot recover it quickly and the cost is more. But with the help of cloud computing large number of data can be recovered and protected also.

  • Cost cutting solution

Cloud computing reduces the capital expenditure fees. The companies no longer need to spend on the hardware. The hardware maintenance is enormous. If anyone gets cloud subscription, they can find their any important project anytime.

  • Security

Cloud computing is highly secure as the data are stored virtually. There is no chance of losing that data. If anyone loses their laptop o pen drive, getting it back is a real challenge but with cloud, there is no such fear.



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