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  • Why Cloud Computing is Important for Mobile Apps

    One of the most evident evolution in the field of technology is Cloud Computing. It has been accomplished and permeated by almost 85 percent population all over the globe today. It has been reported that the use of cloud computing technology in every industry is profitable as improvement in security is witnessed after switching to […] More

  • Benefits Of Financial Service Companies From Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing benefits to Financial Service Companies

    The are plenty of reasons for moving to the cloud and it makes good business sense. Cloud computing gained more prominence in the IT field and financial industries avoid this mainly because of security. With the advancement of security in the financial sector, its time for financial industries to switch to cloud computing. There are […] More

  • Pros and cons of using cloud computing in education

    Educational establishments are underneath increasing pressure to deliver additional for fewer and that they have to be compelled to realize ways in which to supply made reasonable services and tools. With Cloud computing having the potential to supply computation and storage resources as services, the education sector can see a rise and can conjointly facilitate […] More

  • Benefits and Risk of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

    People usually refer to cloud computing as the future of any business. Cloud computing will bring new standards for businesses. Every day an ample amount of data is transferred to cloud by some sort of business in which healthcare is of no exception. With the increase in needs of healthcare, cloud solutions are often introduced […] More

  • 7 Trends That Define The Next Phase Of Cloud Computing

    Today, cloud computing has evolved to be a reliable and one of the prominent technologies that’s transforming digital businesses to a whole new level. With latest collaboration tools, AI, machine learning, analytics and various business apps, cloud computing can now be termed as a reliable means of business innovation. Organizations have scope to adapt and […] More

  • DevOps Engineer

    The Roadmap to become a DevOps Engineer in 2019

    Many of the amateurs are getting confused about how to become a DevOps engineer? Which tools and practices to follow and does infrastructure automation part of DevOps will help to get those expert skills? We all are aware of how hot the DevOps is at the moment. Let us go to the roadmap process by […] More

  • Leverage Mobile Cloud Computing for Optimum Performance

    Cloud computing technology is trending everywhere, and it should be as it allows people and organizations (small and big) to store, access, and manage all sorts of data remotely. All data related activities that earlier used to worry businesses for native server space has been resolved with the advent of cloud computing – this field […] More

  • Top 10 cloud service provider of the world

    The world is moving towards the era of creating the virtual world and here all the data will be stored digitally, which means data will be on the internet. In the traditional method, data are kept on servers which have some disadvantages such as; due to this, their investment and the maintenance cost have increased, […] More

  • The Next Big Thing Is Cloud Gaming

    The Next Big Thing Is Cloud Gaming

    Have you ever heard about cloud Gaming? Well, it is just in the starting stage of development. At present cloud applications into gaming are sparse. Major companies are planning to make major developments in it. In less span of time cloud is going to be the major platform for gaming applications. Cloud Gaming: We need […] More

  • How Cloud Computing Is Changing Schools And Work Places

    Cloud computing had almost changed the look and appeal of work places.The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the skills businesses look for in employees. This next wave of change will fundamentally reshape all our careers. It is estimated that around 65% of children entering elementary school today are likely to work […] More

  • Fog Computing And Real World Applications

    Fog Computing And Real World Applications

    Cloud computing is storing and processing of data in data centres which are placed in far away location. With the introduction of IOT, the data generated from many devices is large. Hence fog computing came into existence. Fog computing is a distributed infrastructure, some of the applications processes will be managed by the smart devices […] More

  • How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

    How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

    Previously cloud is made available only to big companies and is now made available to smaller businesses as well. With cloud computing era small companies are even overtaking larger companies. Everything is the on-demand basis from storage to security which gives freedom from investments. Most of the small businesses are being migrated to cloud and […] More

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