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  • Techniques Of Virtualization In Cloud Computing

    Techniques Of Virtualization In Cloud Computing

    Virtualization is a technique for separating services from the physical delivery that underlies the service. This is the process of creating a virtual version of something like computer hardware. It was originally developed during the mainframe era. This involves the use of special software to create virtual or software-created versions of computing resources rather than […] More

  • Disaster Recovery In The Cloud –DR Approaches

    Disaster Recovery In The Cloud –DR Approaches

    Disaster recovery in the cloud is a relatively new concept, and like many technological trends, there is a lot of hype and misinformation out there. You will come to know about security and data recovery, and whether disaster recovery in the cloud is a good choice for your organization.Cloud computing, along with mobile devices and […] More

  • Safeguarding Your Business Cloud-Based Data

    A few years ago, businesses started turning to the cloud and the available cloud storage solutions as a way to protect business data and essential files. Storing files in the cloud was seen as the more secure way of backing up important data and maintaining business operations. Today, especially with business solutions already utilising cloud […] More

  • Flexibility in Elastic Cloud Deployments

    Flexibility in Elastic Cloud Deployments

    Elasticsearch Service is thought for its ease of use when it comes to appearing normal responsibilities including creating, upgrading, configuring, and scaling Elasticsearch deployments. Creating a fantastically available cluster from scratch takes mins, and developing a cluster is just a few clicks. But while Elasticsearch gives lots of flexibility in how it can be used, […] More

  • 7 Effective Tips to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

    Cloud computing has come a breath of fresh air for businesses concerned at data storage and management. It has ensured a great deal of ease with accessing data anytime and anywhere on the web. All the advantages apart, there is still some doubt with cloud computing when it comes to safety – not all businesses […] More

  • A Guide to the Key Components of DevOps

    How many times do you have to settle issues between your development and operations team? I guess, a lot. This is simply because these are two branches of any venture that are like parallel shores of a river or you can say two sides of the same coin. Their functions are overlapping at times and […] More


    what is cloud computing with example

    WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING WITH EXAMPLE If you haven’t heard already, This is the best time to know what is cloud computing with example. For almost two decades we are using cloud computing. It is predicted that by 2020, companies and business will invest more in cloud technology. Credit: Eletktronmania Time Saver Cloud computing is helping […] More

  • Salesforce For Marketing And Customer Retention

    So, done with all your possible researches about how you can use Salesforce for Marketing and customer retention? So, what’s the conclusion? Most probably you must have decided to go for Salesforce! Well, this is an appreciable decision.  You have spent a lot of time as well as revenue in collecting data of the customers, […] More

  • What Is Email Forwarding In The Cloud?

    Email Forwarding in the cloud is the procedure by which various email forwarding service providers,  help in forwarding all emails that you receive on the cloud to one or multiple email addresses. There are various kinds of free email forwarding service as well as paid forwarding service too. This forwarding tool is significant for users […] More

  • How Cloud Computing reshapes businesses?

    Cloud computing has had a strong effect on both micro and application levels in businesses of various kinds. Large businesses that have encountered scalability issues are opting public and private cloud platforms. Lately, cloud computing has revolutionized various sectors as enterprises are now shifting their work off-premises. The service portfolio has considerably grown due to […] More

  • Advantages of using Salesforce DX

    Salesforce DX is one of the most interesting tools by Salesforce which provide a better user interface for the users. It is like Salesforce and being a Salesforce product, and this is a cloud computing application for companies to work in a more convenient way. Just as the name, this application provides better integration for […] More

  • What is Multi-Cloud?

    The multi-cloud is a use of multiple cloud computing solutions from the different cloud vendors. The multi-cloud environment can be all-public, private, or combination of both. Many companies make use of multi-cloud environments for distributing the computing resources as well as reduce the risk of data loss and downtime. They also can improve the computing […] More

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