Cloud Cost Concerns Loom Over Indian Firms in the Age of AI

By Srikanth
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Business with Cloud Computing

Indian companies are lately finding it expensive to use cloud services, especially the larger ones. A report released on Thursday shows that bigger companies can only save about 20 percent on costs by using the cloud. Smaller companies are struggling even more to save money.


The report by EY-FICCI also revealed that 75 percent of these companies are struggling to find people with the right skills to handle cloud technology. New cloud technologies are coming out fast, but there aren’t enough trained people to use them properly.

Currently, 78 percent of Indian companies are using cloud technology to upgrade their computer systems and add artificial intelligence to their business apps.

The report warns that if companies don’t start using the cloud, they might miss out on the benefits of advanced technologies like Generative AI, also known as Gen AI.

Abhinav Johri, a Partner-Technology Consulting at EY India, said, “The message is clear: the cloud is not just a tool, but something that can bring big changes to a company.”

India is becoming a hotspot for companies that use the cloud. Big cloud regions are located in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. Indian Global Capability Centres (GCCs) are becoming important places for global companies to handle the new technology.

Generative AI’s success is closely linked to cloud computing because it needs lots of data and strong computer systems, which the cloud provides.

The report also says that as more companies start using Generative AI, they will use more data and need more cloud resources.

Alexy Thomas, a Partner-Technology Consulting at EY India, added, “Data and analytics will play a big role in making sure India’s cloud-first companies keep growing and doing well.”

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