Cloud is turning data into cultural revolution

The technology is continuously operating over some familiar breakneck as innovations, but nowadays market place is constantly enjoying the play of catch up with data. The main centre of industry is into megatrends of cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence along with “internet of things”,

These all are going on by the demand of enterprises to hold on all sort of information which are quickly accumulating from a large number of user endpoints, to push the businesses with the help of huge shift from benefaction infrastructure to cloud depended ecosystems with potential which is even more better suited that can handle data along with scale continuing.

By the multiplication of data will push the transformations way beyond the technology. All kind of conventional operating training faces the process of an evolution, so the industry is getting the experience of cultural shift to accommodated some new process practices.

To have clear and visible role models is very imperative, mainly for young energetic women and mesmerising to see women in the field of technology at leadership holding positions”, said Beth Phalen the President of Data Protection Division at Dell Technologies Inc.

Transforming culture

Enterprises are more into rebuilding their data handling strategies with cloud migration, as the result the flexibility of VMware was offered with the hybrid management situations and Amazon Web Services Inc.

“We are going to take the vSAN hyperconverged infrastructure and not just putting that inside the cloud, but also deeply penetrating inside the technology within the cloud and griping the rubber along with massive scale”, said Li.

She can be it if she sees it

The cultural change was not the end at engineering for Li and Phalen. They both got a very long and interesting history in science, technology, engineering along with math or STEM, both of them were encouraged by their families to pursue their interests as their academically and professionally. After establishing in their careers both of them realised that this industry is also under the gender inequality.

in this year, Li was invited to conduct the Women in Technology Internationals Hall of Fame for her initial work in the field of male- dominated industry. while in an interview following the acceptance by the WITI honor, Li dais in her statement “aha moment it was” and this is the only moment which inspired her to do great in the field of technology.

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