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Cloud machine learning still an answer in search of a question

Almost a year ago, the chairman of Google’s parent company had already predicted that machine learning was soon to become the framework on which all IPO services would be based on in the next five years. This was a very bold prediction because most of the enterprises were yet to make use of this particular technology. However, from this statement it becomes clear how Google was planning to make use of different artificial intelligence services. Its main aim was to make its way through the public domain of cloud.

The Situation Today

A year after this statement was made public, the machine learning option for cloud as well as the constant democratization of artificial intelligence was some of the most talked about topics of discussion. Such topics were being discussed almost everywhere, both on and off stage. Product managers at major companies for API management also became interested in such topics.Cloud machine learning still an answer in search of a question

It was mainly because in this particular industry almost all pitches as well as presentations incorporated some aspect of machine learning in some manner. Very recently, a conference for Google Cloud next was held. Here, most people were very intrigued with the huge potential of most services based on machine learning.

However, it was seen that most people were quite unsure as to how to use such a business unit for maximum benefit. There was confusion as to whether it was simply a hype created by the men working in information technology. There was doubt about whether artificial intelligence could become a tool for the huge masses.

The main dilemma arose from the fact that in order to utilize artificial intelligence properly, it was essential to ask the correct questions. Only then was it possible to receive the answers necessary to solve bigger problems. This placed a question mark on whether such artificial intelligence was the better choice for everyone. It leads to some of the obstacles for the people who provided cloud services.

These providers are still placing great money as well as high hopes on such services. Some of the main companies include Amazon Azure, Google and so on. All of these companies are trying to make it much easier for clients to use the services of artificial intelligence so as to get hold of huge amounts of data on their respective platforms. However, there are many questions which remain unanswered. The main question at the moment is how an organization or enterprise adjusts to such new methods. Also, there is much doubt about whether the public domain is fit for such new technology.

Enterprises as the Easier Option

The providers of cloud services for the public are trying to understand the problem from different directions. There are many services which are suited for the organizations which are trying to make complicated systems. Other services are required by the organizations which make use of packaged software. These types of organizations have been getting a lot of attention nowadays.

It is because of the necessity for machine learning, algorithms, modeling suites, speech and visual recognition among many other things. The process of machine learning driven by data can be very complicated. It can be very easy to commit mistakes in such processes. Some companies can feel very stressed and anxious when they have to work with such techniques. Cloud providers come in to the picture at this juncture. The top priorities at the moment lie with a number of services. These include cross validation, tuning the model to get great performance and modeling perfectly. It is one of the reasons why companies such as Google and Amazon Azure are focusing on making machine learning through packages available to certain enterprises.

This is a type of machine learning service which can be developed and delivered by the big names in the industry. Now, cloud providers are moving towards machine learning as they are trying to move beyond the infrastructure of commodity as a service. It is also a method of making as many services as possible available to them. It is trying to offer the maximum number of services. It works to encourage the maximum number of enterprises to shift to the public domain. Hence, with machine learning as well as the internet of things, these function as the latest tools. More and more people are demanding such latest services.

Hence, with more demand such services are becoming the stakes on the table at the moment. At the moment it is too early to predict any position and understand who is ahead of whom. Most of the innovations in the field have still not been made. However, machine learning has become a very important process especially in the retail industries as well as the media sector. Any industry which needs some amount of analytic to gain a slight edge needs it.

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