Cloud Platform operates CPaaS Model- MSG91

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Cloud Platform operates CPaaS Model- MSG91

Kindly explain MSG91 and its special offerings.

We are a cloud platform that operates on the CPaaS model (Communication Platform as a Service) with the sole aim to provide communication solutions at ease. We are one of the leading and the finest communications platform that enables seamless and effective business communication through various channels such as Bulk SMS, Emails, Voice Chat, WhatsApp, RCS, One API, and Short URL.


Our platform has 15k global users, delivering 1 Billion+ OTPs, transactional & promotional SMS per month seamlessly. We are also providing free 20K transactions Emails per month, so startups can initiate their journey smoothly and not need pay for communications. 

How does MSG91 differentiate itself from other cloud communication platforms?

Our aim is to make messaging industry absolutely nonparallel in terms of support services. We wish to elevate the standard of express SMS services through our high-end reseller panel and a robust mechanism. Nothing inspires us more than the prospect of transforming lives and enterprises through complete support-centric services. We stand out from other cloud communications platforms because we thrive on bringing advanced and developed communication channels for our customers at regular intervals.

We come with a promise of a safe and reliable API. We have successfully created a strong product range of communications services based on a diverse collection of APIs, all of which are offered as off-the-shelf modules. This is the reason why our firm thrives on innovation and ease of use by adding new services and features to core products frequently. This makes it one of the most available feature-rich CPaaS platforms and provides us a competitive edge in the market.

Kindly share your future marketing strategy.

We are well aware that the new-age technology of Artificial intelligence is expected to impact every facet of our lives. It is the main driver of emerging technologies as well as an innovator for the unforeseen future. This is the reason why we are keen to incorporate AI in our services in the times to come. We also plan to add more channels as well as expand our global presence. We want to play a vital role in helping businesses communicate effectively and amplify their impact through our high-end communication technologies.

Cloud communication is changing the face of traditional communication processes. It has digitized the process in the truest sense!  For instance, if a business needs to give support to any hardware issue; with cloud communication, they can do real-time troubleshooting with screen sharing and video sharing. 70% of the problems can be resolved with just a few tricks and tips thereby eliminating the need for repair.

According to Modor Intelligence’s report, the global cloud communication market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.7% from 2021 to 2026. Businesses are now realizing the relevance of the adoption of cloud communication platform solutions so as to keep themselves abreast with technological advancements. The study further points out that the increased adoption of connected devices, rising penetration of IoT, as well as growing prominence of cloud-based services, are the major factors driving the growth of the market. Cloud communication platforms come with the promise of enhanced productivity and reduced costs. This is pushing businesses to adopt them all the more and the report also states that this trend will pick up pace in the times to come. Hence, it would be appropriate to say that the future of cloud communication is indeed progressive!

How MSG91 is bridging the Communication Gap between Customer And Companies?

MSG91 is providing all the channels on a single platform. We work with a CPaaS model (Communication Platform as a Service). Our sole aim is to provide communication solutions at ease. We offer a plethora of new-age communication services and ensure that we help businesses undergo digital transformations as well as digitize their communication process.

Our specialized product range of cutting-edge communications services is based on a diverse collection of APIs, all of which are offered as off-the-shelf modules. Thriving on innovation, we offer ease of use communication solutions and focus on developing new services as well as features so as to keep abreast with the industry requirements.

How Transactional SMS is a Profitable Venture in a Post Pandemic World?

Transactional SMS is always a profitable venture as it’s not a luxury for businesses. It has become a need now.

The pandemic inflicted a significant impact on the industries at large and specifically on the telecommunications sector. There was a dip in the commercial SMSs initially. However, due to the dire need for a customer-friendly yet contactless business model; transactional SMSs witnessed a surge. The rise in e-commerce, digital payments, and online banking during the lockdown and post-lockdown phases led to the market’s growth.

According to Modor Intelligence’s report, the global Telecom API market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.33% from 2021 to 2026 and will hit $514.23 billion by 2026. This is indicative of the fact that the market is expected to grow in the future. The messaging API is a key segment of this market and will thus exhibit exponential growth in the times ahead. Hence, it would be appropriate to say that transactional SMSs are expected to rise up the growth graph and will hence emerge to be a profitable venture.

 Is there any new project you are planning? Kindly explain

We are aiming for significant growth in the times to come. We are working on introducing a new domain, Segmento which is Phone Book as a Service. With this tool, businesses can store all the Contact/leads and use them as per their convenience. They can filter out and send mass communication on click without all channels such as voice, SMS, Email, RCS, and WhatsApp. In fact, they can also enable automatic communication as per some conditions like low balance, non-usage of the mobile app, etc.

Segmento will help manage contacts with personalized segmentation of distinct customers. If data is segmented, it is easy to take actions accordingly i.e. run personalized campaigns; ensure customer retention, enforce strong follow-ups, etc. Hence, this is our focus for now and we intend to improvise it as well as offer launch its full-fledged version in the times ahead.

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