Coimbatore’s BNC Motors Powers Green Transportation with Innovative E2Ws

By Sunil Sonkar
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Coimbatore's BNC Motors Powers Green Transportation with Innovative E2Ws

India has an ambition of achieving net zero emissions by 2070. It can be made possible by the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). However, there are certain schemes by the government to succeed in the plan. One such scheme is FAME India scheme that was launched in 2015. It has been important in the transition. The scheme offers financial subsidies to buyers and boost EV sales as well. The scheme witnessed an expenditure of Rs 4,807 crore in 2023-24. A fund of Rs 2,671 crore has been allotted for 2024-25. Meanwhile, Coimbatore-based startup BNC Motors is making waves in the electric two-wheeler (E2W) segment.


BNC Motors was founded by Anirudh Ravi Narayanan and T Vinoth in 2019. It has distinguished itself through vertical integration. Most of its supply chain is in Tamil Nadu. Its manufactures all the major components in-house. The process ensures stringent quality control. It simultaneously offers a five-year or 1 lakh km warranty for batteries and a seven-year unlimited kilometre chassis warranty.

The product lineup of BNC Motors includes Challenger S110 and S125 e-bikes, Perfetto Scooter and Boss NR 150 e-bike. The models are decently priced between Rs 99,900 and Rs 1,45,000. The Challenger models are already available in showrooms. The other models are scheduled to be launched by the end of 2024.

The startup has partnered with Japanese firm Musashi Seimitsu and this has enhanced its technological edge. Musashi is expertise in auto components, electric powertrains and advanced battery technologies. BNC focuses on vehicle development and distribution. The core of BNC’s offerings is the Etrol battery. It is considered as the safest in India. It has been tested in extreme conditions. It also complies with the latest government standards.

BNC Motors is pioneering battery swapping stations too. This allows swift battery replacements within five minutes.

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