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Collaborate for Simple, Smart, and Sustainable logistics optimization solutions- Mojro 1

Kishan Aswath, CEO, and Co-founder


Kishan Aswath is in charge of the overall leadership activities to propel the organization to new heights and vistas. With extensive experience leading large teams for years, he held leadership positions at MindTree and Happiest Minds. Later on, he started his own venture after gaining 18 years of experience in a myriad of enterprises and positions. Not only that, he has substantial experience dealing with global customers, particularly in the markets of the United States, Southeast Asia, and India.

Amit Kulkarni, CTO and Co-founder

Amit Kulkarni is a tech expert and the brain behind the technology and core algorithms that Mojro has built around logistics optimization. He has worked with Mindtree and Cordys, where he designed hyper-scale global platforms for major multinational corporations, as well as, he has 20 years of extensive expertise in digital strategy, business consulting, and big data.

Ranganath Seetharamu, CCO and Co-Found

Ranganath overseas customers, ensuring ongoing value realization and success for clients. He has over 22 years of vast experience in organizations like Publicis and Mindtree, holding senior management positions. He has shown his proficiency in creating and growing cross-functional, international teams with a laser-like focus on process, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Before the inception of Mojro, we discovered the need for technological advancements in the logistics industry, and gradually also realized that the supply chain sector needed a tech platform, so we set out to build one. Hence, under the splendid leadership of three expert brains, Mojro has grown exponentially.

Mission and purpose of Mojro Launch

Mojro was founded with an unvarying goal in mind: to optimize the need for supply chain visibility, efficiency, and collaboration to make logistics simple, smart, and sustainable. We started in 2016 as a logistics aggregator to perfect our logistics optimization platform and then in 2018, we launched our SaaS platform for customers. We strive to keep pace with technological advancement and new-age logistics models. As a logistics optimization platform, we provide automated, digitized logistics solutions, while improving operational efficiencies & reducing delivery costs. Simply put, we envision Mojro as a platform that will serve as the brain of logistics.

USP of Mojro?

Our biggest USP that gives us a competitive advantage in the market is our understanding of how Logistics models are evolving due to rapid urbanization & pandemic. We at Mojro provide solutions catering to the new-age logistics model keeping in mind the complexities and customer satisfaction required by our clients. Few of the solutions we cater to are Cross dock-based deliveries to retail stores (CPG & Pharma) Multi-modal procurement to DCs (Retail) Sourcing Automation for Tankers (Dairy) Top-up planning for first mile pickups (CEP) Dark stores, Lockers, Hub-spoke models, social commerce (E-Commerce). In addition, we provide cutting-edge methodologies such as AI and ML with the goal of understanding business needs and providing industry-specific solutions. Mojro has over 60+ pre-built constraints that allow us to model the logistical requirements.

How has digitization changed the B2B ecosystem, and how have you responded to it? Explain.

With the aggressive pace of economic growth, India is on the fast track towards development powered by innovations and disruption across the sectors. Globally with the technological advancements, businesses across the industry have changed with reality. Digital transformation has become the game changer for all segments whether product, project, or process of the B2B ecosystem. Though, digitization in B2B ecosystem has brought a myriad of changes:

Improved routing- This is the most significant change caused by digitization, it has created a way for drivers by identifying and taking the most efficient path with the help of logistics planning software.

Better decisions with End-to-End visibility- Better visibility in logistics gives businesses access to a massive quantity of logistical data. Such data, when paired with an expert’s perspective, enables businesses to make swift data-backed decisions, leading to eventual success in logistics management. The fact is that data is essential not just for making decisions at the ground level, but also for identifying consumer key problems. Hence, with the help of digitization, businesses now can detect critical performance indicators by utilizing real-time and precise data. They can attain a deeper understanding of the logistics process’s strengths and weaknesses. With data in hand, firms can quickly obtain critical insight and solve challenges.

Digitized EPOD and cash collection- With shifting consumer expectations, digitization has given businesses a competitive edge. Whether it is proof of delivery & collecting cash. Businesses may also go over and above to enhance customer satisfaction by providing holistic information like ETAs, electronic receipts etc, which has been increasingly crucial in recent years. In light of this, digitization has revolutionized every method of collecting cash with delivery confirmations.

Mojro being a technology platform has also evolved with the technological advancement at the forefront by helping in real-time, proactive systems that give detail about the present system and ability to optimize. Also with multidimensional modeling, we have helped our clients optimize their capacity, routes, and delivery in real-time, as well as digitized numerous areas of logistics execution.

How have the dynamics of the supply chain changed over time? How are tech-enabled logistics firms ?

The pandemic’s aftermath has disrupted change in sectors around the world and the supply chain, exposing the vulnerability that was built on cost optimization. As we approach the new normal, businesses must reinvent and rebuild themselves. Along with this, the pandemic has forced the supply chain and infrastructure to evolve in response to demand. With inflation, supply chain shipments of manufactured goods and raw materials have become more expensive. Additionally, have caused a lack of on-ground visibility to manage deliveries and taking real-time decisions.

With shifting dynamics, technology-based logistics firms stepped in to reshape the supply chain by leveraging technological advancements and making supply chain optimization software critical to new-age logistic models like urban, hyperlocal delivery, and so forth. Logistic planning software like Mojro has control tower, 6D Optimization, Daily Dynamic Planning, What-If Modelling, and Constraints Manager. With the help of these features, customers can thus easily track their products and services in real time. Furthermore, new-age technologies help in decentralizing processes and leading to the creation of autonomous supply chains.

Why is there a need for Logistics Optimization in a Changing Business Landscape?

The days of considering logistics operations as a cost center are long gone. It is now used to gain a strategic edge, powering the local procurement, manufacturing, and distribution paradigm. Organizations are becoming more open to the shared economy, and linearity in the supply chain by considering sustainability concerns. Hence, with these transitions, supply chain methods have become more circular.

Organizations are locating their fulfillment facilities (dark stores) closer to the cluster of their customers in order to meet end-user expectations for speedy deliveries and lower delivery costs. New-age logistics platforms are leveraging technologies to meet consumer demands while meeting delivery deadlines and improving their overall experience, in addition to lowering cost barriers and minimizing errors and delays.

Logistics optimization is transforming the business landscape by promoting more sustainable environments, accelerating better planning, and optimizing costs. In addition, as part of the sustainable environmental revolution, we have already reduced 2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and 10 million kilometers traveled by deploying efficient optimization algorithms. In response to the changing needs of the business landscape, Mojro’s logistics planning and delivery management platform is based on a proprietary algorithm that provides best-in-class optimization for our customers. Our approach achieves substantially greater degrees than standard routing since it does leverage multidimensional optimization. In addition, as a multi-tenant platform, we provide a comprehensive solution to many verticals using an in-built constraint modeler.

What is the growth path for Mojro?

We are overjoyed that our journey so far has been so fruitful. We are also proud to say that since its inception we have surpassed all the challenges and are anticipating exponential growth. For the moment, we are already expanding our footprints in the SEA, ANZ, and ME markets for the organization’s growth. Furthermore, in the near future, we intend to expand into the US market.

How do you view the logistics industry five years from now?

The logistics industry is thriving as a result of the evolving landscape and the fifth industrial revolution. When it comes to the logistics process, everything is linked and constantly monitored, resulting in a transparent supply chain and real-time delivery to the customer. In addition, each shipping procedure in the supply chain promotes environmental sustainability and a safer world. Logistics will benefit society rather than deteriorate its resources. Hence, the industry will progress from a simple and vulnerable system to a complex and robust one.

Supply chains will need to evolve to become resilient, adaptable, and accessible to meet the demands of an emerging era and, in particular, to limit the consequences of the pandemic that has ravaged the world in recent years. Since logistics is critical to the supply chain’s ability to store and transfer goods. We also think that a complete revolution will occur over the next five years as a result of the already underway implementation of a strong supply chain and logistics. Emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI/ML, and so forth will play a significant role in maximizing the potential of the future supply chain in the coming years. Hence, as we are moving towards the 5.0 industrial revolution, businesses are trying hard to stay on top keeping up with the constantly evolving digital world.

Few words about Techiexpert

Techiexpert is a superior platform for exploring various aspects of technology that are changing our daily lives in a variety of ways. As far as we know, with a customer-centric approach, Techiexpert assists businesses in developing strong strategic goals to support upcoming tech news and provide knowledge to audiences based on top researchers present around the world. Just like that, Mojro takes pride in amassing a long list of satisfied customers along the way.

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