Combine PDF Files in Simple and Quick Ways

Combine PDF Files

Let’s suppose that you receive a mess of different types of files — an MS Office document (Word, Excel, PPT), a PDF, an image, a text file, or other email attachments — from your business partners or colleagues. Now, you need to put everything together in a single file so that you can share and send it. You need to have the right tool. So, let’s learn how to easily merge them and then organize the pages to create a single PDF with PDFelement.

You might want to know these key points below before we discuss how to combine PDF files with PDFelement:

Reduce the Number of Attachments:

Combine diverse file types – Excel, Word, PDF, PPT, images, etc. – and merge them into a single PDF file that is easy to view, review, send, share, and store in a file archive with a few clicks.

Merge Files Like a Pro

PDFelement allows you to merge PDF and other files on Windows and Mac, and these can be viewed on mobile using the PDFelement iOS and Android apps. Get access to tools for adding, removing, and reordering pages, and much more.

Optimize and Organize Your PDFs

Use the thumbnail view to drag and drop pages within your document, set the merge order for multiple files, and even reduce file size for easier sharing via email or the cloud.

Navigate like Magellan

Get to the right page on your PDF using bookmarks, page numbering, catalog page creation, and other tools. Give them a unique look and professional appeal with background images, copyright footers, header text, and more.

Now, let’s review the comprehensive ‘combine PDF files’ skills of PDFelement.

How to Combine PDF Files in PDFelement

Make sure you’ve installed PDFelement on your PC. Select the files to be combined and continue reading.

Method 1: Combine to PDF with a Right-Click.

Now let’s combine all the files which you selected to combine to PDF with a right-click. See the screenshot, Easy, right?

The Combine Files windows will pop up automatically, as shown below.

Check that your files are imported to PDFelement.

Click Next and save the newly created PDF file. Done!

Tips: In this PDF combine process, you don’t need to launch the software first. Just choose your files on your desktop and finish the process. Alternatively, you also can launch PDFelement and combine different files into a single PDF.

Method 2: Combine Different Files into a Single PDF

Combine PDF Files in Simple and Quick Ways 1

Launch PDFelement first, and find the Combine PDF function module

Clicking that Combine Files button in the Page tab will open the same Combine Files window as in the previous method. Do the same thing to merge different files into one PDF document.

Method 3: Create a Catalog Page for Easy Navigation

Combine PDF Files in Simple and Quick Ways 2

In order to make your combined PDF file easy to read, the new version, V7.5.7, from PDFelement also offers this amazing function. Come to the Combine Files windows, find the “Generate new catalog page from bookmark” and check the box next to it, then click “Next”.

Your catalog is now live. A new table of contents will be generated on the first page and will contain the title of each original document that you uploaded.

Method 4: Insert Pages from Another PDF

Sometimes, you just need to insert pages into the current pdf.

For this, click the Page tab, then the Insert icon, and select From PDF. Select the source file, then choose the relevant pages in the Insert window and hit OK to insert the page into the primary PDF file.

Combine PDF Files in Simple and Quick Ways 3

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