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Community Driven Social Networking, Socialization Platform - Oopar Club 1

Oopar Club’s mission and vision?


Our vision is to create a happier and more fulfilled world by improving the quality of people’s social life. Our mission is to empower a million lives over the next 5 years by helping them foster meaningful connections and accelerate their personal growth.

What inspired the creation of Oopar Club and what gap in the market ?

Making genuine friendships as an adult is a challenge. With increasing geographic mobility and a hightended hustle culture, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a social life. As a result, the urban population is becoming more and more isolated. This is something that we as a founder faced ourselves having spent 5 years in corporate. There is a lack of an ecosystem that promotes a quality social life outside of the addictive social media and benefit oriented networking events.

how has your journey been since the inception of Oopar Club, what milestones have been achieved so far?

It has been a super exciting journey. It’s a very human centric and emotion driven problem that we are addressing and that requires extensive user research and experiments to identify a solution that works. Over the journey we have done multiple pivots to correctly identify a solution that creates a lasting impact in the lives of our users.

We have launched our in-house developed mobile app in both android and iOS, and scaled our online community. We also have launched our offline operations in 3 major cities – Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai and plan to expand to more cities soon. We have witnessed more than 3000 attendees to our experiences and also maintain a repeat rate of close to 70% which is a validation of our solution.

What activities does Oopar Club organize to facilitate member interactions?

Our focus is to create continuity in the lives of our users and hence we host a wide spectrum of activities. We focus on both online and in-person connections.

Offline events which help in creating strong in-person bonds. Every offline event is planned to create an experience that is meaningful and helps to bring out the creative and our member’s authentic selves.

Online meetups are designed to brew more regular conversations and connections; from game nights to journalling sessions to our own community podcasts help the members connect deeper. We also host various contests and challenges on our mobile that help our members to use this community to build and pick up new hobbies and habits.

How do you ensure that Oopar Club events cater to a diverse range of interests and preferences ?

Our community is at the heart of what we build and the whole ecosystem is designed to ensure there is constant feedback and say from community members in what we do at Oopar. Regular surveys as well as a suggestion box on the app keeps us very close to the needs of our community. Moreover, we are meeting them regularly in our in-person meetups to understand them better. We use this information to understand what interests the community has and what kind of events and experiences they are looking for.

Could you elaborate on the three core principles of Oopar Club’s approach to fostering genuine friendships?

Oh yes, absolutely! Making a friend is probably the very first thing you do on the very first day of your kindergarten or school. It is that basic need. However, adult friendships are slightly more complicated and unique. Our experiences over time lead to evolution of our needs in a friend. Moreover, our time commitments and priorities shift. We use this 3 core principle framework to ensure we go beyond the usual exchange of pleasantries to create a lasting connection.

Continuity is important because you do not make a friend in a day. It requires you to connect with the people you vibe with over a few times, over different engagements to know each other’s ideas, personalities and build a bond.

Positivity is key as the demographic of our community is such that people are looking for connections that inspire them to grow and not just people to meet over a few drinks on a weekend. We actually engage in games, music and other hobbies and interests to ensure we also grow with the community.

Being vulnerable to an extent and being able to share is crucial to build connections. At the end of the day, you not just want a friend to be there for you in fun times, but someone who can match your bandwidth even when you want to share and need support in life. Someone who can understand you and you can open up to.

What strategies does Oopar Club employ to encourage members to move beyond superficial conversations and deepen their connections?

Moving beyond superficial conversations is very important to us. We achieve this through a variety of strategies, including providing icebreakers, prompts, and games designed to shift to deeper discussions. By creating opportunities for individuals to talk about topics that truly matter to them, we facilitate authentic connections and meaningful interactions. We are always understanding from our members about what matters to them and what they want to talk about – and we curate conversations around them.

In order to do this, we are creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere through a combination of clear community guidelines, careful member curation, and proactive moderation. This safe space encourages individuals to express themselves authentically and fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie among our members.

Furthermore, we recognize the power of play in breaking down barriers and facilitating connections. By integrating playful elements into our events and activities, we create an environment where members feel comfortable opening up and connecting on a deeper level. Additionally, we offer various communication channels to accommodate different preferences and comfort levels, ensuring that all members can participate in conversations in a way that suits them best.

What future developments or expansions do you envision for Oopar Club, both in terms of community growth and platform enhancements?

In the future, we are focusing on both community growth and platform enhancements. We are already meeting up in-person in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and we’ll be increasing the connections in each place. We aim to establish meetup spaces across cities. It is equipped with props and amenities to facilitate engaging interactions around shared interests such as food, games, art, sports, and more. This allows people to meet other near them over meaningful activities

We will be enhancing communication within the Oopar community. We plan to streamline our platform, allowing members to connect more efficiently over topics they care about. This improvement will deepen connections and foster more meaningful interactions among members.

We also recognize the importance of empowering our highly engaged members. Therefore, we will create more opportunities for them to host events. This allows them to shape Oopar Club’s culture and contribute to community growth.

Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce a reward program that incentivizes positive behavior and supports members in improving their holistic and social wellbeing. This program will recognize and celebrate members who contribute to creating a supportive community environment, inspiring others to do the same.

Are there any new features or initiatives in the pipeline for Oopar Club that you are particularly excited about?

We’re thrilled about several new features and initiatives in the pipeline for Oopar Club. One of the highlights is the implementation of a reward program. This program is poised to be a game-changer, as it not only allows us to celebrate positive contributions within the Oopar community but also enables members to derive more value from their club experience.

We’re also excited about ongoing efforts to enhance communication within our community. By streamlining our platform and providing more targeted channels for discussions, we’re making it easier for members to connect over topics that matter to them and people they are likely to connect to. This improvement aligns with our mission to foster deeper connections and more meaningful interactions among members.

Furthermore, we’re exploring avenues to empower our highly engaged members by offering them more opportunities to take the lead in hosting events. By allowing members to shape the culture and contribute to community growth, we’re fostering a sense of ownership and belonging that strengthens bonds and enhances the overall club experience.

How do you plan to scale Oopar Club while maintaining its core values and community ethos?

The key to scaling is marrying tech with powerful human interactions. We are building tech to enable the community to scale with a focus on personalisation, communication and moderation. We are fostering a strong culture within the community to pay it forward and see our members being a key part to us scaling this community. Our members have already been looking forward to being a part of this revolution not just as a receiver but also as a giver. We are working on creating co-creator programs that can further incentivise our members to pay it forward and scale this community together.

How do you gather feedback from Oopar Club members and how do you use this feedback to improve the overall member experience?

More than revenue and numbers, our focus is on more and more feedback. Along with making it super easy to give feedback through the app , each of our members is assigned a community manager from Oopar who is in regular touch to first ensure they have the best experience at Oopar and also to collect any suggestions and feedback the community has. We as founders also prioritize a lot of time in staying close to our customers and collecting regular feedback.

Can you share any metrics or indicators that you use to measure member satisfaction and engagement with the platform?

Repeat rate both in terms of membership and events participation is our north star metric that we look at to understand member satisfaction. Along with that there are various other parameters that we track to get a better understanding of engagement.

What steps does Oopar Club take to address any challenges or concerns raised by its members in a timely and effective manner?

Our community managers are like the first friend for every new member that joins the club. The core of community management at Oopar is designed to be highly approachable and friendly. This ensures that our members can address and bring up their challenges or concerns freely and immediately. This ensures the members always have a friend they can share anything they have in mind with.

Depending upon the particular challenge or concern, we have playbooks to address and resolve them as soon as possible.

How does Oopar Club ensure that its community is inclusive and welcoming to members from diverse backgrounds?

Ensuring inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for members from diverse backgrounds is important to us. Central to this effort is our onboarding process, where we prioritize individuals who value inclusivity and contribute positively to our community culture, both online and in-person. We maintain strict moderation and communication guidelines to uphold a respectful atmosphere. We curate mature conversations that encourage mutual learning and growth. Embracing an open-minded approach allows us to celebrate diversity and encourages members to engage in meaningful exchanges, leveraging the wealth of perspectives within our diverse community.

How do you handle instances of discrimination or harassment within the Oopar Club community and what measures are in place to ensure member safety and well-being?

Oopar is a curated and moderated space. Our members either join us through an introduction call and verification or through referrals by other club members. It helps us to filter applications that do not match with the mission of the club.

More important than that, we have very detailed and well-defined community guidelines that we follow. These guidelines are regularly shared and reviewed by our members to identify any improvements. We take a lot of pride in ensuring these guidelines are thoroughly followed throughout the community. We have zero tolerance towards any harassment and discrimination within the community. Keeping the community safe and positive is the number one priority for the management of Oopar.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from Oopar Club members that highlight the positive impact the community has had on their lives?

The experiences and friendships cultivated within Oopar Club are our true success stories. Across different cities, our diverse and beautiful members have shared their testimonials, highlighting the positive impact our community has had on their lives. Sharing a few below:

“Joining the Oopar Club has been one of my best investments in my personal growth journey from last year. The community is fantastic, and the intent behind building this is also great! If you’re looking for anything affordable around personal growth, then joining the Oopar membership should be a MUST for you! “

“Oopar is more than just a platform; it’s a supportive community that feels like having a trusted companion by your side! Through its engaging challenges, it keeps you on track while introducing you to wonderful people. It’s the perfect blend of productivity and enjoyment. Definitely worth checking out!”

“A terrific club that allows you to make friends easily and meet wonderful people. Made living in Bangalore so much better for me. The founders of the club are always open to suggestions to improve the club which allows the place to get better with time. I hope they soar.”

“A community that provides monthly goals and also hosts a plethora of online and offline events. This dynamic club goes beyond the typical social gatherings by offering opportunities for personal and financial growth. Monthly goal-setting sessions provide members with a roadmap, while online and offline events foster a sense of belonging and connection. Best club in expanding social circle, developing personally, or even enhancing financial literacy, Oopar club = Growing Together.”

“Nine months since I have been a member of the Oopar Club, and I couldn’t be any more grateful to this bunch. They are doing wonders in the entrepreneurial world. The dedication and their sincerity towards this platform are unlike any. The challenges they curate based on the majority of the interests in the group, the inclusivity and the personal bonds this club has within is what pulls you in. From building habits through different challenges, the different contests to bringing in people who can help or nurture us with knowledge on various personal growth topics. From theme-based events to celebrating festivities when you are away from home. From the quiz games to the indoor and outdoor games which bring out the kid in you and throw in a lot of nostalgia and lights up the competitive spirit in you. From bonds made during the events to taking them forward and making personal bonds with whom you can be yourself. From the gestures on winning challenges to the gestures shown by fellow Oopar members. From the Geeking discussions, Chess/Financial Learning Opportunities to journaling sessions. This and more have made me very curious about this world and the people around me. I hope to keep continuing on this wonderful journey and grow in life along with you, My Oopar Fam.”

These heartfelt testimonials offer a glimpse into the diverse experiences and deep connections forged within Oopar Club, showcasing the positive impact our community has on personal growth and well-being.

How do you measure the overall impact and success of Oopar Club in achieving its mission of fostering genuine connections and personal growth among members?

We’re the overall impact and success of Oopar Club through a multifaceted approach.The frequency of member engagement with our meetups and events correlates strongly with the depth of friendships and connections formed within our community.

Additionally, we conduct happiness surveys to gauge the social and lifestyle wellness of our members. By tracking the trends our goal is to create a consistent increase in overall happiness and well-being among our community members. These surveys provide valuable insights into the tangible impact of Oopar Club on enhancing the quality of life for our members.

Moreover, recognizing that the essence of friendship and personal growth can be subjective and nuanced, we place great emphasis on the qualitative feedback received from our members. This feedback, gathered through various channels, including direct interactions and online platforms, allows us to understand the individual experiences and perceptions of our community members. By actively listening to and incorporating this feedback into our initiatives, we ensure that Oopar Club remains responsive to the evolving needs and aspirations of our diverse member base.

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