How companies are taking advantages of AR mobility


Mobile based augmented reality technology surprised us all when an AR game – Pokémon Go stirred the whole world just in a few weeks of its released. The game came out as such additive as many users got accidents while searching Pokémons, which   through the game’s AR technology are shown at different locations. It is one proven use of augmented reality, but the technology can be used in other domains like business, marketing and etc.

Augmented reality is all about merging virtual elements (computer-generated sensory inputs) with the real world. Apart from entertainment apps, it can be implemented to apps for businesses, hospitality, learning, travel and so on. The only thing needs to be considered in an AR app development is whether the implementers (developers) are exposed to the right skills required in the development of a powerful and innovative AR app for mobile devices.

The augmented reality app technology isn’t limited to the particular devices. Unlike mobile focused virtual reality technology, which needs various other additional devices like Google Glass, Smart TV, Go Gear and several others, the mobile focused AR technology and apps only need compatible smartphone devices to perform their operations.

However, it’s not easy to get a reliable Android app development company which can implement your AR app to Android platform with taking all your requirements into consideration.

Before you hire an Android app development company, let me reveal what actually augmented reality apps can do. Here are three best examples of augmented reality apps.


The free app Wikitude lets us see the world in completely different way. It provides the information of surroundings with its “computer vision”. Its augmented reality features let us see things that our eyes cannot see. It provides information through animations, 3D models, videos along with several other features to better connect with our surroundings just by scanning and augmenting.

Google Goggles

Google Glass is a visual search app which uses the camera of your device to recognize objects and then deliver the relevant information. If you, for example, take the picture of a company’s building, it will provide you valuable information on that business. Capture the image of a landmark and in return, get information of nearby locations and places.

Sky Map:

The Sky Map app is another big example of AR technology. The app brings the entire planetarium in your pocket. We can see the current location of our sun, moon and other plants. Point to a star or planet and the app will show you every detail that you so far read only in books.

How can Augmented Reality apps benefit businesses?

As we learned from above mentioned examples, augmented reality can be implemented for a variety of purposes. Let’s explore what benefit a business can receive from augmented reality app:
Coca-Cola Germany

The Coca Cola Germany showed how impressively AR technology could be used to influence sales. The company equipped its representatives with the ability to augment the entire range of coolers right at stores of customers. With the app in a tablet or mobile, sales representatives were able to simulate 3D coolers on site to aid customers quickly make decision about purchase of the product and its placement in their stores.

Ikea Catalog App
Ikea’s furniture app (Ikea 2014) does the same thing. It lets customers augment the desired furniture item at their homes and imagine how exactly that furniture will look at particular place or corner of a room. The app, of course, adds to the sale of the company.


The well known fashion brand equipped its European sales team with an AR app so that they can show salon owners with the display-stands for hair-care products. The app can augment life-size 3D model display-stands right at the places where salon owners want to put them.

These three are the working examples of AR business apps. Now if you too have a business and, it has the scope of AR app, it’s time you search for an expert app development company and get your AR app built.


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