Concept Reply’s Test Automation Framework Takes on EV Charging

Concept Reply, a top IoT firm in the Reply Group, now tests electric car charging stations using digital twins in a controlled virtual environment.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Concept Reply's Test Automation Framework Takes on EV Charging

Concept Reply, a renowned IoT innovation firm within the Reply Group, has unveiled a groundbreaking expansion of its Test Automation Framework. This update now includes checking if electric car charging stations work properly. By leveraging digital models known as digital twins, seamlessly integrated into their proprietary test cycle automation framework, Concept Reply empowers stakeholders to evaluate the reliability, efficiency and safety levels of charging stations. This is done by creating complex situations in a carefully controlled pretend world.


This advanced technology is used at Reply’s Global Test Automation Center, where they test products and services automatically. The new testing system for charging stations keeps a close eye on everything connected to them from all angles. The things they check include websites, phone apps, charging stations and pretend electric cars. With smart computer programs, they not only test everything from start to finish but also look closely at different situations to see how all the parts work together outside, where many different groups are involved.

The ongoing evolution of the transport ecosystem towards smart mobility models and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) scenarios has triggered a rapid surge in installed charging stations. So, people who manage eco-friendly transportation need to offer services that are easy for users and also really dependable and safe. Digital skills are super important here because they help manage both the charging spots and the vehicles themselves.

Reply helps transportation companies by inventing smart systems for handling charging stations and charging cars. These systems can move energy between cars, houses and the power grid, making energy management much better.

Concept Reply’s framework is meticulously crafted to enable automakers, electric utility operators and stakeholders to meticulously verify the compatibility of charging devices, both public and private, with various EV models and communication protocols.

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