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Consumers Are Happy with AI more like Humans

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New report has come out by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute and revealed about artificial intelligence is not any more an unknown thing for consumers ,they are more  close to three- quarter (73 percent) which is indicating that they have more interacted through artificial intelligence and there are 69 percent of those consumers who are satisfied with their interaction with artificial intelligence . the report titled ‘The Secret Of Winning Customer’s Hearts with Artificial Intelligence ‘ stated that there are 55 percent of consumers who prefer their interaction by mix of artificial intelligence and humans, we 64 percent of consumers who want artificial intelligence more to be human- like.

They have human- like qualities which can produce goodwill and create great propensity almost half of consumers. But we many organisations which are not getting success  to show concern about consumers point of pains and prefer more about account by applying artificial intelligence technology for their customer’s experience (CX) ,they are focusing more in  the field of traditional metrics like implementation of cost  and return on investment (ROI).

In this report there were 10,000 customer s got surveyed and more than 500 companies from 10 countries , got conclusion that there are 63 percent of artificial intelligence which have aware consumers such as artificial intelligence of 24/7 and that’s how they are providing more control on their interactions. Consumers are opening to digital alteration , 48 percent stated that there are opportunity to delegate works with an electronic assistant will be exciting, and 46 percent think it will enhance their life.

1.Consumers need more human- like not human- looking AI

Consumers are getting more comfortable in using AI is enhancing their assurance with AI which are having more human- like attributes. The report said more than three out of five consumers are more likely to be comfortable with human- like intelligence. Whereas there are 62 percent of consumers are excited about AI which more human- like voice.

  1. Customer experience when it comes to implementing AI

This report have to the survey that there are 62 percent of organisations that emphasis more on cost and 59 percent give more importance to return of investment when it comes to implementing AI. This means we should also enables more loyal  and trust worthy environment inside business.

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