Contlo Launches World’s First Brand Contextual Generative AI Model

By Srikanth
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Contlo Launches World’s First Brand Contextual Generative AI Model 1

Contlo, an AI Native Marketing Platform has launched its Brand AI Model™ to help businesses with building their own customizable generative AI model. Fueled by their brand’s personality. The trending generative AI technology fails in understanding the contextual needs of modern brands. Bringing a change to this, Contlo’s  AI model will allow businesses to create hyper-personalized marketing activities across various customer touchpoints.


In order to set up their Brand AI Model™, businesses initially need to input a combination of details such as their brand’s narrative, identity, design language, tone, and aesthetic attributes that accurately reflect their brand. This enables the AI model to deeply understand the brand and create personalized marketing strategies and activities – such as writing copies, creative generation for social media etc., generative customer journeys and campaigns based on autonomous segmentation.

Leveraging deep learning and foundational models, Brand AI Model™ learns through the self-improving feedback loop, continuously refining its understanding of the brand – creating a flywheel of improved marketing activities and outcomes. 

Commenting on this,  Ishaan Bhola, Co-founder and CEO of Contlo, stated, “Marketing automation as we know it today has failed to deliver on its promise. At Contlo, we are building the world’s foremost Marketing AGI company by creating breakthroughs in foundationally important AI technologies. We believe every brand in the world will be powered by their own Brand AI Model™, and we are enabling that future of democratizing AI for marketing. We are disrupting the field of marketing automation by creating a new category of Autonomous Generative Marketing.“

Contlo’s Brand AI Model™ reimagines “Segment of One” by introducing generative customer journeys, which is a first in the industry. The platform has the capability to produce self-creating customer journeys, schedule email, and SMS campaigns based on dynamic user actions, and conduct real-time experiments to determine the most effective creatives and copy.

Brand AI Model™ will enable businesses to automatically generate segments and campaigns without the need for constant supervision and tweaking. Marketers can swiftly generate emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns that align with their brand’s image. Businesses can utilize their Brand AI Model™ to create brand-specific persuasive email subject lines, preheaders, and email content, landing page designs, social media posts, photorealistic images that can improve their click-through rate and open rates.

Launched just a few weeks ago, Contlo’s AI Marketer™ is another innovation powered by the Brand AI Model™. The conversational user interface allows users to input commands in plain English. Marketers can ask for marketing analytics, generate creatives & marketing copies, and launch omnichannel marketing campaigns within seconds by just chatting with AI.

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