Cornext: A Startup That Is Creating Startups

Cornext A Startup That Is Creating Startups

Today, India is globally the largest manufacturer of milk and contains the most vital cattle population. Most Indians are vegetarians. Milk is the sole source of protein. The average consumption of milk is increasing each year.

With the rise in population each year, the demand for milk has been growing exponentially. However, the fodder available for your cows isn’t sufficient. There’s a massive gap between requirement and availability.

Governments, research institutions, and entrepreneurs are trying to develop solutions. This solution will deal with this deficit. One such option is the natural preservation of green forages which will enrich them. This practice knows as ensiling—the produce named SILAGE.

Four highly educated and young entrepreneurs began Cornext Agri Products in 2015. That is to create Baled Silage that is the most innovative technology in silage making.

Gradually the demand for Silage increased. The business understood one Cornext isn’t enough to tackle this fodder crisis. The company expanded its vision. That is to enable small dairy farmers to become self-dependent. That involves custom solutions. It will assist the farmers in producing Silage by themselves.

To attain this vision, Cornext created and designed Mini Silage Baler. That generates 50 kg bales. That is again a major success among rural dairy farmers and spread out Silage baling. That reduced the cost paid by dairy farmers as logistics price reduced.

The business received an overwhelming response for initiating this technology worldwide. Shortly after the national achievement of the system, Cornext began receiving orders internationally.

This miniature silage baling unit has mainly solved three problems. 1) It reduces the harvest requirement from 100-10000 acres. 2) it’s taken the production to customer, thus decreasing logistics cost. 3) Most importantly, it attracted the most advanced baling technologies to rural entrepreneurs.

With these three benefits, Mini Silage baling is now a terrific success among dairy farmers and small milk marriages. Until now, this startup company created over 100 rural fodder entrepreneurs. It also began employment to countless youth.

In May 2020 within the”Animal Husbandry Grand Challenge”, The Animal Husbandry Department, Government of India recognized CORNEXT among the best startups from the Animal Nutrition industry. They accepted the solution into their policy.

Now, the business is launching a Franchise version. That is to be able to promote more and more rural childhood to become ‘Fodder Entrepreneurs’. 

Throughout its new Franchise Model, Cornext is encouraging village level fodder entrepreneurs by providing them.

Cornext is aiming to make a change in the dairy farming industry on a neighbourhood level. They are introducing the coming Franchise Model for Rural Fodder Entrepreneurs.

The Baled Silage is a Sunshine business. Rural entrepreneurship is essential, and the version targets at supporting that.

There’s a need for micro-level entrepreneurship. That may be an excellent job generator for many dairy farmers around the nation.

With this model, the business is bringing the power of e-commerce into the door-step of the Indian farmer.

Additionally, it will bring world-class technology in the lowest possible cost through the Make in India initiative.

These are some of the numerous colours of the upcoming franchise Model.

It was the massive success of this first-ever indigenously developed miniature silage baler, CORNEXT MSB500. The business is taking its next step to the future of Silage baling technology. They will be unveiling the revolutionary CORNEXT MSB500 AT PRO in their Grand Virtual Launch on October 6th, 2020 at 3 PM.

This new miniature silage baler expects to outfit with new automatic features. That will change the Silage baling technologies in India and will support the future vision of their Cornext community.

Cornext Agri Products is a fodder manufacturer. It has set a brand new franchise model to market ‘fodder entrepreneurs’.

“We will also provide technical training. That will support to handle the franchises,” said Madhav Kshatriya, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cornext.

He introduced and launched CONNECT MSB500 AT PRO’. A brand new Mini Silage Baler machine. The machine is capable of generating 25 tonnes of fodder per day. It could meet up with the fodder requirement of 2,500 cattle, a media release stated.

G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of State (Home Affairs), stated that the demand for milk was growing exponentially in the nation.

Winners of this government’s introduction National Startup Awards

Winners of this government's introduction National Startup Awards

The authorities on October 6th introduced the winners of their first National Startup Awards.


Intello Labs Pvt Ltd — The Intello Track program lets users click a photo of the commodity. They are purchasing and watch their freshness details. This setup uses profound learning and computer vision.

Nava Design and Innovation Pvt Ltd. The business’s SAPER is the world’s first robotic coconut sap-tapping apparatus. It also can replicate all of the tedious tasks done by a tapper. The product also works on solar power throughout its life, which makes it eco-friendly. It will be leaving a zero carbon footprint.

Cornext Agri Products Pvt Ltd — Cornext addresses the green fodder deficit in India. Due to the decrease in grazing lands, there has an inconsistent harvest practice. During a lack, these silage bales cater to a more vital number of dairy farmers throughout the nation.


The education system will be leveraging VR and the HoloSuit. The consumer will have the skill to make a three-dimensional digital classroom for robotics/artificial intelligence/VR learning.

Kickhead Software Pvt Ltd — Kickhead created a platform which enables students to study for their exams, free of cost. “GovJobAdda” is a stage which assists more than 4.8 lakh students. They can read up on current affairs. Or else, they can response mock tests for all sorts of government exams, from SSC to those for banking and railroad jobs.

Enterprise Tech

Unnati Online Pvt Ltd — Unnati is an automatic, voice-enabled digital assistant. That assists informal sector employees in locating job events. It helps decrease unemployment. It can drop by working an automated job helpline support, calling job-seekers about openings in their state.


It builds at a 10% more affordable price and with one-and-a-half times more strength.

Esyasoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. Esyasoft supplies Smart Grid solutions. It also gives innovative analytics to make people’s daily life more comfortable. That is for public utilities such as energy, gas and water. Consumers can provide a mobile program offering transparency in their energy consumption in real-time.


Resilient Innovations Pvt Ltd (BharatPe). BharatPe is a QR-code aggregator. That is allowing merchants to accept UPI obligations from any program. It has also begun lending to its clients, mostly tiny stores, recently.


FoodCloud Pvt Ltd —, is a market for home meals. It comes with confirmed home chefs in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. FoodCloud is a platform for enterprising people who want to learn something every day. It helps to become home chefs by learning something new day by day. They supply on-demand, home-cooked meals to people. It is a company with no investment.


Wellthy Therapeutics. Its smartphone program for patients provides a tracking dashboard where you can always measure your health value. It comes with real-life intervention. It acts for virtual health coaches, training dashboard for paramedical staff that can help people to maintain a healthy, stable life. It also has AI-powered health bot. That connects devices like smart drug delivery systems. That helps to measure IoT-enabled blood pressure and glucose monitoring tools. It also has related activity trackers and weighing scales.

Industry 4.0

UptimeAI Tech — UptimeAI tweaks artificial intelligence. That is for the requirements of plant engineers. It allows them to predict performance. Also, assist in equipment issues before they become substantial losers. Their analytics powerhouse regularly studies sensor data. They get this data from each gear in a plant. Then it helps to analyze it. Then alarms plant engineers of any impending troubles. The software is scalable across multiple industries. Industries are like oil & gas, steel and power.

Minionlabs India. Minionlabs have identified a gap in the marketplace. That is for energy usage tracking in a building. In this case, the power data is not readily available. They have a hand-sized detector to collect data. Minion senses each appliance, apparatus. Instrument turning on and off within the building. Then it creates a detailed report on predictive analytics and upkeep.

Fabheads has designed and fabricated a new collection of 3D Printers. It’s known as FibrBots. It uses carbon fibre, and this fibre helps for a printing material rather than plastic or metal.

Scapes Innovations Pvt Ltd. Scapic is reforming the products. It also trades sector by building a cloud platform. It allows brands to make 3D and augmented reality experiences. That is without having to code it themselves. The platform provides for the distribution for certain people. People who want to experience online with no program connections required. It is especially beneficial for industries like a car. Mainly, those products which need extensive visuals. 

Planys’ technology identifies cracks. It can also identify flaws and potential anomalies and can track in an assortment of assets situated underwater. It might be gas, gas & gas pipelines, desalination or power plants, dams, bridges, etc.

GingerMind Technologies — GingerMind assembles AI-powered smartphone programs. It is wearable like smart eyeglasses to assist the visually impaired function. This function is as free as possible. They make campuses. Also, creating offices accessible for the visually impaired. They are using advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.


Skyroot Aerospace — They create a series of launch vehicles. It covers a broad range (300-700 kg) of payload. That is carrying skills to low-Earth orbit. They are affordable and readily mass-produced. Also, the top stage of the rocket is capable of moving itself. It can move from orbit on assignment completion. They are thereby leaving no room debris.

Dhruva Space — Dhruva Space assembles small satellite stars for Earth monitoring and other scientific applications. Many companies hire many entities. These entities will be responsible for designing. They will also go constructing a satellite. Also, they launch liaising. It is for ground stations to communicate with the satellite. But Dhruva Space’s stars of low-Earth orbit satellites. It reduces the price and time taken to prepare the essential base.

Bellatrix can present state-of-the-art technology, and that is too in a fraction of the price tag. Bellatrix can do it through native design, development and production.


It decouples them from constituent components, such as text, speech and graphics. Then farther performs selective fusion data. Those data points to feed into advanced hybrid neural networks models. They could extract information that was never possible before.

Lucideus Tech — Their merchandise SAFE provides a called Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ). The platform integrates with the current technology a stack of an enterprise. That is to supply a real-time cyber risk. The estimated risk would be (a number between 0-5) at a macro level throughout the company. Besides, it can break down into micro-level scoring separately for each asset.


Feeinsta Consulting — Feeinsta is trying to turn”New Bathrooms”. That is to a current product that can help people to solve daily-life problems. It is offering a special bundle of smart kindness. That can give amenities and services under one roof.

Param People Infotech — The platform makes it possible for travellers. Travellers can find facilities. They can transact with confirmed highway amenities and services and gives real-time location-based that can assist travellers while they are on a trip. It’s verified highway services information. Such as amenities and photographs of restaurants. It also includes Dhabas, washrooms. Anyone can find Fuel pumps, resorts, mechanics. ATMs, hospitals, and much more are also available.

Urban Services

SnPC Machines- This is a vital producer of brick-making machines and delivers various products. These products include design philosophy of economics. It also adds efficiency and ecology.

It’s Previously called Metro Bike. It was their intercity bicycle rental brand to empower local commuting. It will help to provide first and last-mile integration. It began with 100 bicycles in September 2018. Bounce has risen to over 7,000 bikes by July 2019.

Sukriti Social Foundation- Sukriti is a non-profit firm. The foundation has an alliance with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. They are working towards economic. Also, it includes the social uplifting of the nation. It’s possible through sustainable technology initiatives and innovations. They’re a group of graduates from IIT Roorkee. They have developed a smart public bathroom, Eco-Mitra.

Genrobotic Innovations — Genrobotics provides human-controlled robots as a substitute for manual scavenging. The Bandicoot is your first maintenance hole. That is to clean robot. It will eliminate the need for single workers cleaning out sewers.

Their very first outcome to market, Tinto Rang, is a secure DNA blot. That replaces Ethidium Bromide. SYBR dyes at a much cheaper cost. It makes this kind of disease diagnostics more available for all.

Particular category — Rural Effects

Then they work on methods. That is to deal with the gap between the two nations. It indicates online learning invasions. Job-seekers may use the platform. It will suggest the best 20% of the candidates for a project based on profiles.

Incubators and accelerators

Its distinctive incubation method. That begins right from scouting for the mission. It aligned enterprises incubating them and finally departing. The incubation process includes five focal invasions, and these diagnostic and solution panels establish a strategy. It can landmark every 90 days to assist the entrepreneur. It helps to execute the plan and targets technical help. That will help to enhance compliance—procedures, partnerships and networks that result in a market push.

Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program. It’s a well-structured accelerator program. That covers all the aspects necessary. It is to help companies create sustainable and scalable businesses. Brigade REAP includes a board of mentors. That is with expertise from several disciplines from the sectors they concentrate on these. They can share insights continuously, so the startups prepare to face investors.

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