Could we see online casinos utilize new technologies further?

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Could we see online casinos utilize new technologies further? 1

Technology is advancing at lightning speed and during the digital era the development of mobile devices, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are all changing the way in which organisations create, collaborate and operate. The health industry is able to better manage health data and personalize treatments, the finance industry has been revolutionized by tech such as cryptocurrency and in manufacturing organizations have been able to replace human labour with intelligent robotics.


Another industry that continues to be influenced by the developing digital landscape is gambling and online casinos, impacts have been made in everything from aspects of websites such as security and usability to enhancements in gaming options and gameplay. In particular, online roulette games in Canada have utilised technology by introducing live casino games with live casino dealers.

The benefits of technological advancement can already be seen in the online casino industry…

In recent years, online casinos have been able to bring in new audiences through adding live casinos to their offering, these appeal to those who want the experience in-person gaming but the convenience of playing at home. There are many casino games that are now played online as a live version, one of these games is roulette.

A game of roulette dates all the way back to 18th century France. In the mid-1800s, different versions of the game began to emerge on different continents around the world. In France, the double zero was removed from the traditional wheel which lowered the probability of the house edge because players aren’t able to bet on the zeros.

However, over in America the game had just started to become popular and players were accustomed to the original wheel. This is how different variants of the game came about, without today’s technology it wasn’t easy to access new gaming experiences.

These days you can play modern online roulette games from your mobile, tablet or computer and there are so many different varieties and game modes to choose from, including European, American and Arabic versions, as well as live, live speed and live auto modes.

There are a number of new and developing technologies that have huge potential to enrich online casino experiences…

5G internet connections

The roll out of 5G internet connections is having a major impact on organizations in all industries, it is enabling more consumers to access online services through greatly improved data transfer speeds that can reach up to 3 gigabits per second. This is hugely exciting for players of online casino games.

Having 5G on their devices means that they are able to play without interruption or delay wherever they are, whether that is on their computer and home or on their mobile device during the morning commute on the bus.

This development offers great opportunities to online casino games developers who have been restricted in their designs due to the speeds that their players could access. The increased speed and bandwidth means that more complex software used in live gaming will function better for users connected to the 5G network.

At present, 5G is still in the roll out stage and different countries around the world have differing levels of access to this technology. However, it is anticipated that there will be widespread use of 5G over the next couple of years and efforts to increase access are really ramping up.

Could we see online casinos utilize new technologies further? 2

5G internet connections could help benefit online casinos with speed and loading time of games.

Virtual reality is also beginning to find its feet in the world of online casinos…

There have been very significant advancements made in virtual reality software and hardware recently, which has huge potential to impact a range of industries, from surgical training and flight simulation to plumbing and real estate. One industry that is already beginning to utilize this technology is online casinos.

At present, there are not a huge range of virtual reality casino games on the market to play, but there are still options out there. Using a virtual reality headset, players are thrust into life-like 3D interfaces of a casino floor and can play games and interact with dealers and other players as if they were physically present.

Virtual reality casinos have the ability to observe and replicate players’ hand and body gestures. They are also able to provide the real sounds you would hear in a bricks and mortar venue in spectacular detail and create the same ambiance, this is something that is often missing from online live casino games.

As the software and hardware for this technology continue to improve, we can expect to see even better virtual reality experiences in the near future. Players could find themselves walking down the Las Vegas strip and exploring all that the gambling capital has to offer.

Why be limited to gambling venues that actually exist? VR headsets could take players to casinos in outer space, where they can interact with alien dealers and simulated players from other worlds.

Sci-Fi virtual reality adventures are just one possibility that could be introduced into the online casino industry as technology continues to advance. Look out for other technologies like cloud gaming and augmented reality as they find their way into the gambling market.

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