Countdown Begins for 7th Edition of Global Startup Summit in Delhi NCR

By Sunil Sonkar
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Countdown Begins for 7th Edition of Global Startup Summit in Delhi NCR

The 7th edition of the Global Startup Summit is scheduled to be held on July 13 in Delhi NCR. It is said to witness a huge participation of industry leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and other attendees. It promises about eight hours of insightful panel discussions on various topics including HealthTech, PropTech, D2C and SaaS. Participants will find it as a unique opportunity to dive deep into sector-specific advancements and investment opportunities through events like the Asia PropTech Forum, HealthTech Summit, Bharat Technology Conclave, and International D2C Conclave.


The Global Startup Summit is a popular event known for fostering innovation and collaboration. It tries to bridge gaps between startups and investors. Its main focuses is on driving collective progress as well as empowering the startup ecosystem.

The summit is being held in partnership with major market players such as Mojo Capital, Gamezon, Global Startups Club and 100x Brands. Their support highlights commitment to enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape. The alliance is strategic and brings together visionaries and industry experts to stimulate growth.

Speakers invited at the event are renowned industry leaders such as Nischaiy Pradhan of Favcy, Khalid Vani of KWCG and Dr. Vibhuti Aggarwal of Real Time Angel Fund. They will share their insights with the young entrepreneurs. Their presence promises to make the summit an enriching experience for all attendees.

The Global Startup Summit also features some prominent side events. The Asia PropTech Forum will gather more than 400 delegates and over 50 PropTech startups for discussions on advancements and investments. The HealthTech Summit will simultaneously explore innovations and investment opportunities in the healthcare technology with about 40 HealthTech startups. The Bharat Technology Conclave will bolster Tech and SaaS startup ecosystem.

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