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According to a CEI Survey, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. Yet only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently fulfil their expectations. Another research indicates that customer experience will soon overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator – making it pertinent for businesses in the crowded marketplace to up their game and keep their customers pleased by adopting sophisticated technology.


Especially if you are a part of the e-commerce industry, customer satisfaction will play a greater role in the success of your company, considering that 89% of companies now expect to compete mostly based on customer experience, up from 36% about half a decade ago. 

Is it time to up your game? 

As a business, improving your customer experience is not just a nice thing to do, it has a direct impact on your bottom line. And, as customer service forms an integral part of your customer experience, improving your customer service could be the key to retaining your customers and boosting your profits. 

So what can you do to provide an unparalleled customer experience to your loyal customer base? 

According to a Forrester Research Paper, companies can leverage visual engagement through solutions such as co-browsing, screen sharing, and annotations to “cut through the customer conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.” Another report by Aberdeen Group found out that businesses using visual engagement tools marked 83% increase in their annual revenue in addition to other positive growth.

Indeed, customer service is no longer limited to calling or answering your customers’ calls. If you wish to differentiate yourself from the competition in a highly competitive industry of E-commerce, it’s time to start using co-browsing technology to improve your customer communications, build trust, and fix their problems in real time. Before going further, let’s understand how cobrowse works.

How Co-browse works?

Co-browsing allows the customer support agent to take access to the customer’s current tab and interact with them in real-time.

Normally, the sessions conducted under co-browsing is either an image or video based. Here the concern of the security may arise in mind, but co-browsing is safer and encrypted and it gives limited access of tab to the agents.

The image-based session is fully encrypted between a customer and an agent. The agent can only access things what the customers has permitted to show. Co-browsing increases engagement as it enables an agent to immediately access customer’s documents and answer the queries, it makes easier for an agent to give instructions with the visual cues.

An agent can also perform certain actions on the customer’s tab. In this case, customers can mask the data, and confidential details they want to hide from the agent to maintain the security of the data.

Here’s how co-browsing technology can improve your e-commerce experience and drive relationships:

Co-Browsing Enables Easy and Immediate Interaction in Real-Time

A Cobrowse solution does not require any downloads or installs. It connects instantly with your customers to respond to their queries, offering a powerful visual engagement solution that leads to better client interactions. According to stats, by using an integrated co-browsing solution, some businesses have seen 18% improvement in first call resolution and 14% reduction in call handling times.

The reason is simple. When you are using co-browsing in an e-commerce business, you can help customers resolve their problems as though you are sitting right beside them. The technology enables you to access your customers’ screens so that you can guide them or fix their issues quickly.

At Acquire, we have gone a step ahead and integrated our co-browsing software with other capabilities such as live chat, video chat, and document sharing. Thus, your customers can choose to make voice or video calls or chat with you to explain their challenges to you for better resolution, automatically improving your customer service through real-time assistance and web-collaboration.

Co-Browsing Ensures Higher Customer Engagement at Lower Costs

During online shopping, time is money, both for you and your customers. Thus, the lesser time your agent takes to resolve a query arisen by the customer, the more productive it can be for an agent, and more satisfying for your customer.

By integrating video chats with co-browsing, it is possible to interact better with customers while resolving their issues quickly. Such timely guidance can help customers make informed decisions in favor of your company and also build more trust in your services. Customers easily make their buying decision in real-time, visiting competitors, because they get satisfied with the visual engagement with an agent during online shopping.

Co-browsing also increases the level of customer engagement as it teaches customers how to do things rapidly and effectively when they are confused about the usage of the product. This benefits the customers, as well as your company, by saving time at both the ends while dispensing the need for hiring a huge support staff, which is an added cost for any e-commerce business. Co-browsing technology also minimizes the requirement for physical client visits – saving more money for your business in the long run.

Co-browsing also has the added influence of building trust and relationship with customers and diminishing the rates of online shopping carts abandonment. Frustrated and unsatisfied customers can also rest ensured with co-browsing that their queries will be fixed swiftly and efficiently.

Create In-person experience for your e-commerce audience

Co-browsing can help you create a fantastic web and mobile shopping experience. You can provide a visually engaging shopping experience. With an integrated customer profile, you can observe the behaviour of your shopper and immediate offer assistance once they face friction in their journey.

A face to face interaction along with personalized assistance can reduce cart abandonment. In fact, it has been observed that a lot of people drop their carts when they are asked to fill out order forms or enter credit card number – this is where co-browsing can be of great help – as the agent can fill out tedious forms on their behalf.

Agents can also guide the customers and make them complete bigger transactions by creating an environment of trust via cobrowsing and video chat.

An Ideal example of co-browsing is Samsung:

Samsung set up an ideal example of customer support through cobrowsing when they personalized experiences for almost 200000000 users. You might be wondering how they did it?

Samsung changed the way of communication with clients. They adapt to a new technology called Co-browsing integrated with Live Chat. For initial issues Live chat is there, if the client’s query is still not solved, they initiate a co-browsing session. The reason behind the success of Samsung’s strategy of integrating co-browsing with live chat is it makes a customer smoother, quicker. Also, it creates a customer journey that is responsive which reduces the chance of drop-off along the way.

Create Visual engagement with Co-browse 2

Co-Browsing Enables Customers to Solve Similar Problems in the Future

In a highly competitive landscape, e-commerce companies must strive hard to meet their customers’ expectations while keeping their costs minimal. According to stats, more than two-thirds of online customers expect to get their queries resolved within 5 minutes. That is actually beneficial to increase the conversion rate in real-time.

Besides, many of them prefer self-service portals rather than calling up an agent, as they clearly want to fix the problem themselves as quickly as possible without wasting any additional time or having any undue interaction. 

Co-browsing can help businesses meet their customers’ expectations by providing quick online resolutions to their issues in real-time. A significant advantage of co-browsing is that in addition to allowing agents to see customers’ browsers, it enables customers to see what exactly the agents are doing and how their problems are resolved.

This not only builds trust but also helps customers to learn how to solve the same problem on their own in the future. It is useful when you are selling service online, any technological services like software, you can easily show how it can be used without visiting physically.

Co-Browsing Keeps Your Clients’ Private Information Confidential

Besides being user-friendly and extremely efficient at troubleshooting, co-browsing is the best solution for companies that respect their clients’ privacy and are committed to keeping their private information secure.

As opposed to screen-sharing, co-browsing gives your clients full control of their computer systems, protecting their privacy. Co-browsing only allows the sharing of a web browser page and not the entire screen. While sharing their browser, customers can also restrict the agent from accessing other tabs or other parts of their screen which may contain sensitive information.

For example, E-commerce sites require your customers to enter their credit card details is a sensitive one that they would like to hide – and co-browsing allows them to do that! There was a time when people used to avoid online shopping because of the threat of loosing money, and it has happened many times because of hacking and frauds.

In today’s age, when many internet users are making continuous efforts to stay anonymous online and remain protected, co-browsing technology offers your business the least intrusive, safest, yet effective method to facilitate real-time interactions between your clients and support staff and take your customer experience spiraling upward.

Why co-browsing is significant for your business? 

Co-perusing innovation enables your representatives to see clients’ screens continuously and control them through complex exchanges, measures, structures, demos. It assists with upgrading client connections by diminishing various touchpoints. You can consolidate co-perusing with live talk and video visit increment to improve first contact goal (FCR) rate. 

The key business regions that are profited by co-perusing are: 

  • Expanded client unwaveringness – You can draw in your clients with the readiness to convey the best visual experience through customized visit will emphatically affect client dependability. 
  • Diminished client assistance costs – With visual commitment, you offer speedy arrangements by lessening the quantity of touchpoints made by clients. Having the option to convey quicker help diminishes uphold expenses and time. 
  • Improved group proficiency – Co-perusing engages your representative to in a split second see the client’s screen and offer quicker goal in the first touchpoint itself. Subsequently, improving key group profitability measurements. 

Primary advantages of co-perusing 

Utilizing visual client commitment programming adds a human touch to client experience can assist you with giving a serious edge to your business. Release us through the principle co-perusing benefits that assume a fundamental part in making an enthusiastic association with your clients. 

  • Give ongoing help – Co-perusing, alongside video and live visit, gives total commitment devices to give continuous confirmation across web and versatile. 
  • Improve first contact goal (FCR) – With shared survey, it is not difficult to recognize the issue convey a successful arrangement in the primary reach itself. It improves the FCR rate and lifts consumer loyalty. 
  • Proceeded with discussions from different channels: By sharing a 5-digit remarkable co perusing code, clients can proceed with their discussions from different channels, for example, telephone or Facebook courier over the site with a similar specialist. 
  • Quicker goal measure – When the specialist can outwardly recognize the issue, it improves the speed of goal. It very well may be more viable and intuitive by consolidating with video, voice and live visit. 
  • Convey customized administration – With synergistic perusing, you can customize your discussions dependent on the client’s issues. Co-perusing conveys innovative arrangements giving a virtual in-person experience


Have you ever felt frustrated taking screenshots and writing lengthy emails to customer support to explain your problem while using a website or portal? More chances are you’d never use that particular platform again – even if your query is eventually resolved as you do not want to go through so much of hassle ever again. 

Co-browsing is a boon in such situations and enables e-commerce businesses to cut through the clutter and connect with their customers instantly to resolve their issues in real time. Whether it is guiding your customers to a specific product or helping them out with some forms or payment options – co-browsing technology is a great way to help your customers and accelerate your growth at the same time.

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