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Creative Ways To Use Linkedin For Lead Generation?

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LinkedIn might appear somewhat boring in comparison to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. but believe us it’s much more exciting than you can ever imagine. All you need is just time to leverage the power of this wonderful network at its full extent to use LinkedIn for leads.

Today we are going to discuss the following topics to benefit your lead generation process through effective use of LinkedIn.

Various misconceptions in the people’s mind about using social media platforms for lead generation.

There are various misconceptions we have been hearing about. Here are a few of them:

  • Misconception #1: you can only add people you know. So, it is not a good thought of generating leads out of it.
  • Misconception #2: it is very small. So better go for big platforms like Facebook or Twitter for generating leads.
  • Misconception #3: There are no regular, active users there.

Let me tell you, none of the above could be further from the truth. Don’t drop your jaw after knowing that, 75 percent of all registered LinkedIn users have incomes over $50,000, and 44 percent have incomes over $75,000! Do we need to say more?

Step-by-step process on how to quickly grow your connections and leads on LinkedIn

1). Never underestimates the power of premium search filters: Most of the marketers approach the customers in a wide manner without planning effectively. This may not bring the outcomes that you are expecting from these approaches. LinkedIn offers filters always fetch the right results.  Filters narrow the marketing funnel to just the right kind of segments based on function, years of experience and seniority level.

2). Function-based filters: You can search people on the basis of their job roles. You can even search people on the basis of place, company name and so on.

3). Age: It includes the experience of a person in a job field regardless of the company or the industry name.

4). Seniority: you can look for the people based on their position in a particular company.

5). Turn your profile views into a new business: you must be aware of the most important functionality of LinkedIn is “someone has viewed your profile” notification. But what people do is have a look at them and just throw out in the trash. THIS is a big no-no if you aim to generate leads. What you should do is, take a proper look at the people who have viewed your profile. Then go to their profile and check it out I that person could be fruitful for you or not. As soon as you find such person, invite him or her to connect.

Give it a thought, if a person has viewed your profile, it means they’ve taken the step to find out more about you. Reach out to them and find if they are interested in your services or products or not.

6). Ask employees to post your company’s content: Ask your employees to share updates related to your brand that can generate traffic and leads. There are some companies out there who allow marketers to pick and queue up company-approved content. But as we all know, people like and listen to their social connections more than official marketing campaigns. According to one of the popular digital agency JanBask Digital Design “You won’t believe but this technique can result in 5 times more traffic, and 25% more leads.” Amazing isn’t it?

7). Make yourself discoverable: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not only for Google that people use to rank their websites on the first page of it. You can make use of it in LinkedIn even to make yourself discoverable and to boost the number of opportunities you have to sell your products or services. Here are some of the things you can do to make your presence visible to your potential leads:

  • Complete your profile with no important details left missing.
  • Research the keywords carefully. Search them and see how other professionals are using the keywords to be in the top of the search results of LinkedIn. Then, in a similar manner, incorporate those keywords in your own profile.
  • Also, go for recommendations. According to some experts, 10 or more will boost your profile’s search engine ranking.
  • Make use of anchor text in your profile. Suppose if you are a web developer, relevant text like “My Website design portfolio” will help you get found more times than “My blog” will.

8). Contribute to group conversation: nearly in all industries and in every niche, all day, nearly countless group conversations are happening. This not only helps you to interact with other professionals but also provides you with an open platform to let the experts know about the deep understanding of the knowledge you possess in the respective field. Also, you can drive huge traffic also if you include helpful links in your content.

9). Sponsor your most valuable content: follow these tips to while sponsoring your most valuable content:

  • Take advantage of your connections. If any person such as CTO, or A CEO of a company share some quality content, then it has always high click rate potential.
  • Add visual creative thumbnail images. You can even add your own to make it more interesting.

Time to sum up:

So, these were a handful of the great ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation. Just remember LinkedIn has a rarefied audience that is open to new possibilities both in learning and career development. All you need to do is adopt these techniques.



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