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By Srikanth
4 Min Read is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency. At present, the company provides employment to about 4,000 people and serves more than 50 million clients. The collapse of the cryptocurrency market causes serious damage to the company. In the current market environment, to remain sustainable, the company ultimately decided to lay off a particular portion of its workforce. In order to become successful and recover from the fall, started allocating its branches all over the world.


The business is currently taking the highlight of the show in the news since the platform has taken approval to operate in various nations promptly, one after the other. The approval of the corporation is obtained from Italy for the establishment of its operations in the country. Prior to  Italy, the nations like Singapore, Greece, and Dubai gave approval to the project.

Google pay option for the customer of

To make it more convenient, the platform ventures into technology. has introduced the latest addition to the payment option. The platform revealed that customers would be able to pay for their cryptocurrencies by using Google Pay.

Customers’ Google Pay accounts that are either connected to their debit cards or credit cards can be utilized to complete the payment on the application without any hassle or complications. The integration is slated to be launched in the upcoming weeks. Once the integration is complete, clients will be able to access more than 250 cryptocurrencies using Google Pay.

Exploring Payment systems in the cryptocurrency market.

Over the past two years, payment systems across the globe have penetrated their way into the cryptocurrency market. In January 2022, Google Pay revealed that it was excited about its new exploration into the crypto space, and after six months, it had tied up with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Goldberg, the former PayPal executive, has been hired by Google Pay, who is going to lead the payments division.

Writer’s report:

The system of payments is going to enter the cryptocurrency space. Though there are a lot of options already to pay for the digital assets by the customer, a new payment option will always help the investors to trust in the company and make them feel secure and safe about their payment transactions.

Is It Boon Or Bane?

Although it seems like an alternative for ordinary people, every implementation has demerits. Many of the incorporations take it as a benefit as well. There is a chance that it may cause economic imbalance for the common person. While the world is fighting a war and economic crisis,’s integration might prove to create a better future with opportunities.

Analysts reviews:

“While discussing the cryptocurrency market, people should conduct their own research before making any investments while being patient. It is not advisable for regular people to invest their funds in cryptocurrencies if they are not aware of the complete knowledge of the market”.

However, in the past two years, the integration of payment gateways with cryptocurrency wallets has been on its way. The launch was already made on the Gemini exchange in April 2021; Google Pay has already started walking on the path of the cryptocurrency sector. Then, in October 2021, Google Pay partnered with Bakkt, and later in April, Nexo made an announcement that Google Pay would be integrated into the launch of its Mastercard-backed cryptocurrency cards.

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